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freezeburn iconage!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
freezeburn iconage!

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[20 Nov 2005|02:57am]
This icon journal is now public. But, just so you guys don't forget, here are the...


- Credit either spidey or freezeburn__ (two underscores) in keywords.
- Comment on what you're taking and what journal it's going in (if it's not the one you're posting the comment with)
- No direct linking, por favor. Thanks!

And that's it! Not too bad, right? Right.
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[06 Aug 2005|07:23pm]
These icons are for mosaic100... second batch.

-7 Orlando Bloom icons for mosaic100

04. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 06. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

only two more.Collapse )
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[23 Jul 2005|11:13pm]
These icons are for mosaic100, a challenge where you have to make 100 icons of a particular subject. Here's my first batch-- it's really small. You know what to do, I shouldn't even have to tell you.

-5 Orlando Bloom icons for mosaic100

02. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 03. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

only two more.Collapse )
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[21 Mar 2005|03:27pm]
Comment and credit, por favor. Constructive criticism also appreciated. Woot.

-7 King Arthur

04. 07.

RUS!!!Collapse )
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[13 Feb 2005|06:49pm]
Comment, credit.... oy. You know how it goes.

-3 A Knight's Tale
-3 Orlando Bloom (one with Kate Bosworth)
-1 Snatch
-1 Dom Monaghan


snip, snip.Collapse )
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[19 Jan 2005|02:32am]
Comment, credit, blah blah. Finally-- I'm iconing!

-2 Brad Pitt (variations of the same icon)
-1 Fight Club
-1 Orlando Bloom
-1 Lost
-1 Colin Farrell

02. 03.

i will cut you. O__OCollapse )
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[28 Dec 2004|10:55pm]
Three Fight Club icons, one John Mayer icon. Comment, credit, all those good things.

01. 04.

wee icons?Collapse )

Lyrics in 01 from "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails.
Style of 04 based partially on a tutorial from findme_icons.
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[24 Dec 2004|05:42pm]
Three icons from the Kingdom of Heaven trailer. Comment, credit, blah blah.

01. 02. 03.

Lyrics in 02 from "World on Fire" by Sarah McLachlan.
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[17 Dec 2004|10:12pm]
I don't know why, but I seem incapable of more than a couple icons at a time. Such an iconer. -.- Comment, credit... the usual, por favor. Brad Pitt & Josh Holloway. Experimental styles.

01. 02.
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[14 Nov 2004|05:35pm]
Sawyer icons-- only a few for now. Will probably be updating this post frequently as I get more screencaps downloaded. Screencaps are, by the way, courtesy of numerocinco.

01. 02. 03.
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[23 Oct 2004|04:45pm]
Lost icons soon-- promise.
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[12 Jul 2004|11:00am]
01. 04.

4 orlando bloom icons.Collapse )

Lyrics in 01-03 from BBMak, "Love is Leaving."
Lyrics in 04 from BBMak, "I'm Not in Love."
Brush used in number four is from... somewhere?
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[23 Jun 2004|04:19pm]
Screencaps courtesy of teh_indy on LiveJournal, as well as the brush in number four.

01. 05.

6 prisoner of azkaban icons.Collapse )
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[19 Jun 2004|04:41pm]
Screencaps from herethedeadparrot is awesome.

01. 05.

7 minority report icons.Collapse )
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[06 Jun 2004|03:23pm]
Three Prisoner of Azkaban icons. Screencaps thanks to kirei-na.net; number one uses a brush from teh_indy.

01. 02. 03.
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[31 May 2004|03:53pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Sigh. I apologize for not being a frequent iconer, you guys. I just tend to make them when the urge hits. If anything, I'd be looking for Orlando Bloom/Brad Pitt/Eric Bana icons in the near future. I loved Troy so very much.

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[02 May 2004|01:33am]
Number one uses a brush from the wonderful teh_indy. She rocks, hardcore. XDD

03. 04.

4 brad pitt icons.Collapse )
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[22 Apr 2004|05:44pm]
A whopping two icons, one of which is a mini-movie-- my second attempt ever, so please-- be gentle.

01. 02.
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[04 Apr 2004|04:06pm]
One S.W.A.T. icon and 2 Pirates of the Caribbean icons.

01. 02. 03.
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[03 Apr 2004|10:23pm]
One Brad Pitt icon and two Pirates of the Caribbean icons. Yeah... the Phone Booth icons got tedious because honestly, it's hard to make distinctly different icons for a movie that is based around... well, a phone booth. I may try in the future. But for now, I'm on to Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm on a huge Brad Pitt kick, too, so... expect to see some of those.

I know, I'm evil and don't post batches like regular people do... but that's because I'm impatient/lazy.

01. 02. 03.
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