This is the old journal of secret_hotel which is now used for layout testing and tweaking. For some incredibly odd reason you came here looking for icons, they've all been properly uploaded as pngs and posted over at paper_skulls.

Friends Cut

  Yes, yes! The ever dreaded friends cut! I decided to do this just to clean out the friends list even though it isn't that big. I just felt inclined I suppose.

Those who've been given the snip
_hobbitses --> You never comment, and I stopped commenting.
hobbit_elflover --> Never comments.
cha_lia --> Never comments, barely updates.
iconishs --> Never comments
michaelmoorefan --> Never comments, we really don't have that much in common.
jjworld --> We never comment in each other's journals.

  If you would like to be re-added, comment here. I may or may not re-add you depending on your reasons and such.
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