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No moonlight tonight

It's an odd time of year.

Roz and I broke up a couple months back, which is definitely for the best.

Missing old friends and old ideas tonight. Auckland you're a lonely lonely town.
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what ma eyezz

forget your way back home.

Well after a month in Mangawhai today I start the trek back south. Flying to Chch today, then heading to the west coast for a couple days then back to the nunnery in Invercargill on Sunday.

This has been a good winter.
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what ma eyezz

A human being that was given to fly

Just found out a guy who was in my class for two years up until near the end of last year died. He was a really cool guy who had an ongoing struggle with mental illness.

One of those people who just seemed a bit more aware and more real than most.

No word on how he died, but it's not a stretch to think that his demons finally got him.

I'm way more upset than I would have expected.

James was a fucking good guy who didn't ask for the hand he was dealt. He came to me about halfway through last year asking for advice on how to meet girls, I just gave him the old about how he should just be himself, relax and that at some point a cool girl would see what a cool guy he was and it'd be awesome.

It wasn't just a line man, you were awesome.

Could make me feel bitter, or treat you unkind

I fucking despair for New Zealand and times. This idiot is a prime example.

Comparing modern liberals with Stalin? For a start, it is widely accepted that Stalin's regime was a totalitarian dictatorship which bared little resemblance to a true socialist state. I am heartily sick of hearing the words communist or socialist used to describe fascist ideas. Marx wrote of a political system governed by the people for the people, democracy and socialism are not opposites at all. Also, capitalism does not automatically equal democracy.

Newsflash: Nazi Germany was a capitalist state. Does that mean capitalism equals Nazism? Nope. The same way Communism doesn't equal fascism.

But I'm getting away from the point. The above linked article is an excellent example of typical conservative slight of hand, tarring the modern left with the same brush as Stalin and Mao (another fascistic dictator hiding behind the banner of communism) he gives the right a fictional moral high ground from which to rant.

Are we really stupid enough to swallow this sort of rhetoric in this country?

Noam Chomsky as bad as Stalin? Next he'll be miss-spelling Barack Obama as Barack Osama.

Then of course it's time to bring up them evil terrorists (who we lefties all of course support):

This despite the fact that al Qaeda and its affiliates have made it abundantly clear that their cause and objectives are messianic rather than geo-political or economic.

Actually Al Qaeda have stated more than once that their motivations are political. Osama Bin Laden himself stated that the reasons for the attacks were the US's continuing military presence in the Middle East, the betrayal in Afghanistan at the end of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, in which the US failed to live up to it's promise of helping the Afghan people rebuild their country, the US's continuing meddling in Middle Eastern politics and it's military actions against Arabic people in general.

Do I think those reasons justify the attacks on the States? No I do not, I firmly believe that Osama Bin Laden and people like him need to be brought to justice. But I am heartily sick of this "They hate our freedom" bullshit that is continually spouted by right wing talking heads.

Paul Thomas, spouting Republican party rhetoric from 2002 does not make you sound like a 'plain speaking man', it makes you sound like an idiot. Your main sited source is a book released on the tail end of McCarthyism about the Great Red Menace and your ideas are about as relevant.

Go away.
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I move so slow

well that was scary.

Got called in at the last minute to mix a gig at players. I've never mixed there before, I had no idea of their gear set up at all.

No time for a sound check so had to just learn as I went. A few fuck ups here and there, and a lot of problems with equalisation, but overall I think I did ok considering the circumstances.

Might hopefully have a recurring gig there though which is cool.
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