how fragile we are::.

I'm a girl, age 22, from California. I have 2 sisters and 2 cats that I love dearly. I tend to be an "Observer". I strive to find inner peace in a world that's anything but peaceful. I love to meet other people with simular interests, but I think of myself as sort of a rarity. I like to be different, but not stand out. I am jewish and keep Torah, yet I am more like a Karaite and do not keep the Oral Law. I also believe that Yahshua {Jesus} is the Messiah, yet I do not believe that he is Elohim {God}. Music is a passion of mine, and you can say that I don't like whats typically mainstream today. I love electronic music, and also stuff that you can mellow out to like new age, world and classical. I play the violin and just got a new electric violin {classical fusion is beautiful}. I love to have fun, go to movies and do new things, but Im not too much of a risk taker and the unknown often scares me. People I'm new to probably would describe me as "shy" or "quiet", and that is because I am often unsure of myself. To my close friends I am anything but shy, it just takes me longer to warm up to people is all. I am a very sweet and loyal person- make friends with me and you have a friend for life. </3

MUSIC I love music of all kinds mostly- new wave, synthpop, electroclash, brit-pop, and the like. I'm pretty musically diverse, but you will never find me listening to country, metal or jazz {if I can avoid it}. WRITE I love to write when I can find the inspiration. I think one of the greatest things to possess is gift and power to inspire and move people through the art of putting words together. BOOKS Getting lost in a good book is my idea of time well spent. Take me to a library or Barnes & Noble and I will love you forever! FAITH All throughout my life Elohim has been the sole factor that has held me together. Honestly without my faith I probably would not be here today. I believe in walking in the ways of our forefathers - Abraham, Yitshaq and Ya'aqob. I believe in using the true Name of our Elohim- YHWH {Yahweh}. I believe that His Torah is the ultamite authority and that YHWH sent His Son Yahshua to die for our breaking of the Law and bring us back on the straight and narrow path of Torah, one day to return and reuite the 2 houses of Israel. YHWH is and always will be the love of my life. CREATE I absolutely love to do graphic and web design and admire others creativity through design. I have found that I am a complete layout addict, and I find it hard to stick with a design longer than a month or two. I sometimes I think livejournal has become an excuse to make new layouts...hehe. </3

Alot of people think that just because you have a relationship with the Creator that life would be different than it is, but life isnt always easy, no matter who you are, what you believe, or what knowledge you have. The bible doesn't even promise good times once you put your faith in Him. But what He does promise is that He will never leave you nor forsake you, regardless of where life takes you. Writing is sort of an outlet for me so...welcome to the complexity that is my life and mind. Sometimes this is my space to rant and rave about all the injustices of the world {ok, my world}, or just to write about my mundane life. Truth is, this journal is my attempts to be honest and open with myself. It is my attempts with just being "ok" with being me. I try to keep it as real as possible, although some of my *real* personal entries are left to friends eyes only. My life isnt all that interesting but if you are compelled to be a reader or want to get to know me more - add me as a friend - I love meeting new people. </3