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[*I stay wrecked and jealous for this...*]

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My name's Cait. I'm a teenage girl who loves music, shopping, movies and hanging out with my friends. Blue playdough is possibly the coolest thing ever invented and paper clips look rad when made into a necklace.
90's music, accents, acoustic, adam lazzara, alexisonfire, animals, attention, australia, backstreet boys, baking, balconies, bands, beaches, being myself, best friends, bilingual guys, billy talent, black and white photographs, black eyeliner, booster juice, boy meets world, brunettes, cameras, canada, candy, cats, cheese, cheese cake, chocolate, christmas, clear lake, clothes, computers, cookie dough, cookies, cosmetics, creativity, cuddling, cupcakes, dallas green, daphne loves derby, dashboard confessional, david melillo, day-dreaming, desperate housewives, dreaming, dye, earrings, emo, english, evanescence, eyes, family guy, flowers, food, french guys, friends, fun, goofing off, goofy, guitar, guitar players, guys, halifax, having fun, hawthorne heights, hockey, hugs, ice cream, inside jokes, justin green, kangaroos, kissing, kool-aid, kurt halsey, laughing, life is beautiful, lip gloss, livejournal, long walks, love, lyrics, makeup, making out, mall, mashed potatoes, money, moulin rouge, movies, msn messenger, music, musicians, napoleon dynamite, night, nintendo, notes, photography, pictures, pink lemonade, pizza, poetry, radio free roscoe, rain, randomness, romance, sarcasm, saves the day, screamo, seinfeld, senses fail, shoes, shopping, singing, singles day, skittles, sleeping, sleeping in, sleepovers, slurpees, smiling, smoothies, spice girls, stars, strawberries, stupid dancing, summer, summerland, sunrises, sunsets, suntanning, tacos, taking back sunday, talking, the brendan leonard show, the notebook, the simpsons, the strokes, the used, the wedding singer, thinking, thirteen, tickling, travelling, v8 splash, vacations, walking in the rain, weekends, writing, you,