magnolia sucks .....

big time !!!!!!
today i am painting the bedroom, packing boxes,washing the dog bedding and bouncing around like an excited thing on excited day ...... giggle :)
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A Sad Night

Tonight my harry potter optical mouse died ....... it was quite a shock and i`m still trying to come to terms with it..... it had been quite poorly for a couple of days but tonight it refused to work full stop whilst i tried to log onto windows .... no more will its scroll wheel light up red .... r.i.p harry potter optical mouse ... you will be missed
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stolen from gipsy_queen

Well i do have the belly for it .....

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It smelt ........

like a bad charity shop ,had mold on the walls , a navy blue carpet ,was deffo a boys flat , the cupboards where filled to the brink with crap , nice hob shame about the rust , wasn`t the flat i wanted to view and all that for £395 pcm ..... erm no i dont think so :(
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