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夜神夕美 @ may
18 September 1989
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miyavi blog translation journal: M I Y A V I
fic journal: better than chocolate

what is frack?
frack is a strange little creature. complex at times, fangirlishly simple at others, her mood swings are dangerous (-ly entertaining). she is a brat. random interjections are the order of the day. she whines, she angsts and she bastardizes various characters to her liking. she is a dork, but a loveable one.

what is this whole journal about?

1. 500g of fandom + 500g of angst = blend until single-thread consistency
2. 250g flour + 250g chocolate + 150g over-analysis of everyday life
3. 400g Gackt, Miyavi, Hyde + 400g anime. Sift with crack.
4. 25g camwhore + 150g Gothic/Classic Lolita + a pinch of salt
5. Blend all ingredients well. Add incoherency + pretentious writing to taste.
6. Lick.

friending policy
1. Shared interests.
2. I gush at and worship your writing/art.
3. I like you. Immensely. <3