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[07 Nov 2003|05:11pm]
[ mood | blah ]

biggest ploy to get people to buy livejournal paid accounts. giving free accounts 3 icons and paid users 50 icons. dkjfkjdkd.

thank god for greatestjournal or i'd kill myself. i've been icon crazy lately. =[

no school today thank the lord jesus. i wish i could for once get over my own damn issues and move on with my education and life in general. it's hilarious how i can't let go of the past and refuse to move on with my life. i'm one of the most self destructive people i know. sigh.

why is conor oberst so hot? he should die. ewh.

(1) the taste of ink (is getting old)

[06 Nov 2003|06:15pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Another damn newbie here dropping in to say hello. My name is Cris but call me Fortune Cookie. I've been writing since the age of 11 and into slash since around 13 years of age. My favorite bands include Alkaline Trio, Taking Back Sunday, Something Corporate, Rooney, Belle and Sebastian, Radiohead, and of course Good Charlotte. Um, I'm not "punk". Labels are for ketchup bottles and I just like having a good taste in music. If you want to add me, go ahead. I need friends. =(

No pic so here goes fic-wise.Collapse )

(1) the taste of ink (is getting old)

[04 Nov 2003|07:39pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

it's too easy to pretend that everything's okay
and when her soul is crying she hides it underneath a mask of angry stares and even replies
but she's breaking,
the girl's fading away and it's all your fault.

she's twisting and turning in sheets that reek of sweat
claustrophobic and angry at the world
jaded eyes don't see the pity
they can't see anything but their own self perpetuated delusions.

she can't remember a time when her head didn't ache.
she can't remember a time when her wrists didn't look so red.
but she's too busy wiping the mascara smudges off her face to care.


bought a radiohead cd today. one of the one's i had yet to buy, of course it's f'n awesome. i blame thom yorke for being such a genius. where is nette?

the taste of ink (is getting old)

[19 Aug 2003|04:18pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

cablevision moved showtime2 to it's digital cable line up. WELL THANK YOU. REALLY. what will i do without queer as folk and dead like me?

fucking opportunists begging for cash.

the taste of ink (is getting old)

[17 Aug 2003|10:20pm]
[ mood | loved ]

fortunecookie_: oh god i'm so bored
mollum: Edward Scissorhands? Maybe. Cris. :'(

she has the best away messages. i feel so loved. sob. elijah/chris ricci!1

(1) the taste of ink (is getting old)

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