{awareness} stupid leukemia

You know you want it.


Welcome to the next big thing in cancer advocacy! Introducing the BRAND NEW i[2]y Visa Card! All you have to do is click the link, apply, use it once and Visa will donate $50 to I'm Too Young For This! After that, you can cut it up or put it in a frame on your desk. Now you have a good reason to buy that Snuggie or Slap Chop you've been eying for a while. Pull out your "cancer card" and spread the word about STUPID CANCER!
{awareness} stupid leukemia

Please help me "cure" Stupid Cancer!

I am pledging to raise $100 in 2 weeks for I'm Too Young For This! because I am a young adult cancer survivor and I believe that we are being left behind when it comes to advances in cancer treatment. For every $5 that you donate, I will match that donation. So if you donate $5, I will donate $5. If you donate $10, I will donate $10 and so on. Please help me and the rest of us "cure" Stupid Cancer! Survivors Rule!