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Take a look into my eyes and you'll see.. [entries|friends|calendar]

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FRIENDS ONLY.. [Jul0730]
[ mood | artistic ]

Take a look into my eyes and you'll see all the pain the ghetto brings. Take a journey through my soul and lets roll through the streets of reality. They tell me slow down I'm livin' life fast. See, they don't ever wanna ride with me. I know it ain't right but this is my life. It's just a piece of my diary. This is my life we die young cause we livin fast. So I'ma let you read my diary. I'ma let you read my dairy..Seventeen year old college freshman struggling to achieve my goals. This is not be a journal about Love, because Love don't live here anymore. This is my story, my life. My pains and my joys. I am a young girl on a journey, searching to find myself. My soul is deep. Too deep. Even with reading my words, you'll still be unable to define me. Listen to my story. Typed and told. Come with me on this life journey. Watch my story unfold..


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Voice Post [Aug0807]
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HIATUS* [May0507]

facebook: http://ccny.facebook.com/profile.php?id=51305684
myspace: http://myspace.com/flyordie_
flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/flyordie
aim: FlyyGirl130
yim: BabiiGotDunka

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