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Еду я утром в метро. Смотрю сквозь черное окно, раздумывая стоит ли сделать усилие и почитать что-нибудь полезное. Вдруг вижу перед собой мелькающие изображения. Начинаю соображать...мерещится? нет, вроде показывают черно-белый ролик. Неужели дожили до того что в туннеле поставили плоские экраны и крутят на них рекламы? Сонный мозг пытается разобраться со странной задачей..... Ах да! сообразила--вывесили длинный ряд освеченных картинок и теперь полусонные пассажиры могут смотреть мелькающую рекламу. И как вы думаете, что пытаютья продать пассажирам в метро? Правильно, славный автомобиль Hummer.

This is just another example that marketing is a fascinating and powerful thing. Our society could be significantly imrpoved if creative marketing was used not only to sell cars, but to help address more pressing social problems. Unfortunately, mostly the big money in the marketing industry flows toward selling stuff without any regard to the significant negative consequences that arise as a result.
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After 1.5 years without a TV at home I can say I don't really miss it that much. We actually do have a TV: its screen the size of the one I'm looking at now, the network channels work after a few manipulations of the V-shaped antenna. It was worth the trouble to see a little of the presidential debates last fall (I couldn't bear to watch for more than a little bit). It was also fun to watch the olympics. Otherwise, we watch some TV shows through the pc(w/out commercials--missing half the fun, some would say). And of course...cable internet is on 24/7. I know I wouldn't have any more time to spend on watching TV, especially given the many fun and time-consuming things to do on LJ :)

Of course, watching TV on a big screen and flipping through dozens of channels while reclining comfortably on a couch is oh-so-very-pleasant. If I ever decide to have kids, I will make sure that TV will be at least as much of a luxury for them as it is for me.


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No late fees, ever. Who believed that?

Really. You knew there had to be a catch. And there was. It was in the fine print. But the folks at Blockbuster are paying anyway, $630,000 to customers, chump change for the colossal movie rental company.

Our state's attorney general spoke out about the ruling earlier this week. "This case is important because it reminds advertisers that they cannot use a catchy slogan or phrase if it misleads consumers," Jon Bruning said.

Did you hear that? Advertisers cannot use a catchy slogan if it misleads consumers! Say no more General Bruning.

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