SOC Rovers

Show tonight - downtown Durham

Scene of the Crime Rovers will be performing at CCB plaza at 7pm tonight (near the bull)  

A great way to start the weekend :)

Friday July 18
6 – 9pm at the CCB Plaza in Downtown Durham

Swap-O-Rama Rama!
The Scrap Exchange will produce an outdoor Swap-O-Rama Rama including a giant clothing swap and DIY stations for altering clothes.

Live music and imitation film featuring:

The Scene of the Crime Rovers
7:00 PM     Durham’s Rag Tag Independent Roving Band

Triangle Soundpainting Orchestra with A/V Artist Jim Kellough
8:45pm     Imitation Film, Imitation Lullaby

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The IT person in our office jokingly introduces herself by saying that she takes care of everything that plugs into a wall.  However, she did not expect to find the user manual for the office refrigerator placed in her mailbox.
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Waiting at the traffic light at a busy intersection this morning I was stopped next to a tractor trailer. It was a see-through truck with walls made of metal bars spaced widely enough to expose the occasional curious pig snout.

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Is it just me or does anyone else think it's weird to see these two items appear literally next to each other on
1-  Mr. Bush told the pope that Americans “need your message that all life is sacred”
 2-  Supreme Court Allows Lethal Injection for Execution