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After 1.5 years without a TV at home I can say I don't really miss it that much. We actually do have a TV: its screen the size of the one I'm looking at now, the network channels work after a few manipulations of the V-shaped antenna. It was worth the trouble to see a little of the presidential debates last fall (I couldn't bear to watch for more than a little bit). It was also fun to watch the olympics. Otherwise, we watch some TV shows through the pc(w/out commercials--missing half the fun, some would say). And of course...cable internet is on 24/7. I know I wouldn't have any more time to spend on watching TV, especially given the many fun and time-consuming things to do on LJ :)

Of course, watching TV on a big screen and flipping through dozens of channels while reclining comfortably on a couch is oh-so-very-pleasant. If I ever decide to have kids, I will make sure that TV will be at least as much of a luxury for them as it is for me.

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