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Alas, all good things must come to an end.  The 1989 Silver Cadillac Brougham (not otherwise known by any cute nickname) has completed its service to the Vishnevkin-Tsipursky family on Sunday, August 7, around 3:30pm, approximately 48 hours after being deemed fit for a one-way trip to North Carolina by an auto mechanic.  The car broke down while traveling West on the Mass Pike 1/2 mile before approaching the toll plaza at Exit 15, signaling its distress by decreasing its rate of speed, emission of smoke from under the hood, halting of the motor, and refusal to stop until emergency brake was engaged.  Approximately 45 minutes later the car was towed and carefully placed in the lot of the aforementioned auto mechanic.  A cost-benefit analysis led us to conclude that we will not pursue any further measures to extend the useful life of said vehicle.  After saying an all-too-brief good bye, we departed, taking with us all valuable and mildly useful items that we removed from the salon and the sizable trunk.  As we honor the memory of this fabulous machine, we look forward to an opportunity to acquire a new automobile, complete with an air conditioner, a CD player, cup holders, and, of course, a more fuel-efficient engine. 

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