flutterby__ (flutterby__) wrote,

A hot performance

...really, it was 100 degrees over here when Scene of the Crime Rovers performed as the opening act of the Beaver Queen Pageant in Duke Park.
Flags led the procession...

We were almost in sync too!
Fortunately we were in the shade most of the way
We navigated challenging terrain - a narrow sloping path with a sharp turn (just as we incorporated 360 degree turns into our new flag routine, yeah...)
To make things more complicated, the stage had steps!  In this piece we actually take steps to the beat and move throughout the song -- very carefully.
All in all, a good show!  Not to mention very short, allowing us all to promptly proceed to an air-conditioned location :)

PS:  special thanks to  master photographer  umom_ne_poniat  :)
Tags: scene of the crime rovers

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