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Durham Holiday Parade

Last weekend our marching band was in the Durham Holiday Parade, and I added several more blocks in downtown Durham to places where I have walked right down the middle of the street.  We participated together with the Scrap Exchange, which was fun because some people created crazy costumes right before the parade.

 Here are some photos of our group:



yes, there are two bycicles in there and a person riding it

I really did smile when there was no one trying to take my picture...
I also learned that there are a few drawbacks to actually being in the parade as opposed to watching the procession: 1) you don't get to see much of the other participants, and 2) usually cannot take pictures because of #1 and because it is inconvenient/unsafe to carry a camera on you.  However, we did get to see some of the other participants before the parade while we were all waiting in the staging area - and I even found a few photos of the parade on Flickr.  (Thanks to whoever posted them!)
There were some rather unusual entries in the parade that spiced up the flow of high school marching bands, floats, and numerous community and children's groups.  These included a group of VW enthusiasts (we almost ended up walking right behind them, yikes), the Book Cart Drill Team (sponsored by the public library), and what must be the city's tiniest minivan (sponsored by a local pawn shop).  Another really surprising parade entry were the several garbage trucks.  From what I gathered they were recently acquired by the city of Durham, and as they slowly made their way down the parade route, the trucks demonstrated their state-of-the-art features by moving their strange appendages.  Very, very strange.  

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