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I'm so unhappy.
I feel sick thinking I have to stay in Calgary for almost another year.

I pretty much blocked or deleted about 90% of the people on my MSN.

My heart is still in Ontario so bad.
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I reallly don't want to leave on Monday.
I was happy to get out, but things have been so good lately.

Hung out with Liane today. Hung out with punxx drinking beer in the park which was sweet. On my way to Kyle's soon to watch Ali-G in da house.

My lobes are finally at 1/2".

Tommorow I'll buy my Arcade Fire ticket then meet up with Liam and go watch Azeda Booth jaam at Glen's house.

Sunday airshow.

Monday leave arrrrggg.

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I'm so unhappy. All I really want to do is party like fuck for the next few days, but I want to get a whole shit load of stencils done so that I can destroy small Ontario towns. My lobes are finally at 1/2".

I've been listening to SO MUCH Placebo lately. They're sO FUCKING GOOD.

K I'm going to smoke now.

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I'm so fucking excited about the new website project!!
And I'm excited about my mom splittin' town this weekend which leaves lot's of room for NON SNEAKY NIGHT ADVENTURES!

Maybe my laaazy friends can get off their asses and go bomb the streets with me.

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I have to "pick a consequence" due to my mommy finding my tongue (web) piercing.
So help me out here.

These are the choices:
- Not be allowed to go to Edmonton on the 28th to see MATT GOOD. (My most favourite man alive EVER)
- Lose the piercing.
- Lose my allowance.

Or, another option. If I can come up with something reasonable.

I think the guilt I feel is punishment enough. Honestly.
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Answer in song titles.
Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band. Make it interesting and add another question to the end and keep it going!
My Artist Choice: Matt Good

Are You Male or Female?: Song for the girl.

Describe Yourself: The last poem's poet.

How Do You feel about Yourself?: Under the influence, Haven't slept in years.

Describe Your Ex: Seriously serious.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Man of action.

Describe Your Current Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Pony boy.

Describe Where You Want To Be: The Ocean.

What are you doing this weekend?: Waiting for the great destruction.

What are you doing at this exact moment?: Whispering in the dark.

What's your motto?: North American for life.

What's your biggest fear?: Suburbia.