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(Short) Fic: All in Good Time.

I got a crimbo card from the lovely Red (red_lasbelin ) in the post a few days ago which was really nice, and seems as I'm an unorganised tit, and didn't send out ANY cards this year (I am made of suck) I thought I'd write you a short fic as a gift! :D

So, for Red, who is made of awesome, I hope you (and anyone else on my flist, obviously) had a lovely crimbo, and a happy new year.

Title: All in Good Time
Author: Fishy (
Pairing: Erestor/Glorfindel
Rating: PG13
Warning: AU, no beta.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, I make no profit.
Summary: Erestor builds himself his dream home, and Glorfindel misses him terribly. Also for Red.



He was unjustifiably annoyed. There was no denying it as he walked down the dusty path towards the select few cottage-like homes that had only recently seen completion, kicking the loose gravel and dirtying his boots with plumes of dust raised in his wake. He was conclusively, distinctively, annoyed.


Celebrated warrior he may be. Friend and Captain to many a loyal and brave elf. But even he, renowned and loved Glorfindel from an age past, could experience melancholy. And it was all Erestors fault.  


Stupid elf.


Why did he have to leave? Why did he have to be so far away?


Glorfindel turned, walking backwards for a moment as he glanced back at the last homely house, were he lived, and where until recently, his best friend had also resided. He turned back to where he was headed, coming to a stop when Erestor’s home, his new home, came into view.


Alright, perhaps he wasn’t that far away. But Erestor was no longer in the suite of rooms beside his own. He could no longer walk a meagre five paces, bare foot and in nothing but his sleeping attire in the middle of the night when finding himself unable to sleep, to Erestor’s quarters, where he could beg a brandy and the advisor’s company.  In fact, the advisor had been absent from his duties, from the Homely house and from Glorfindel’s company this past week whilst the finishing touches were put upon his new home. He missed him. He was bored, he was lonely.


Simply put, he had no one to play with.


He studied the small building; it was only one story, quaint, with a thatched roof and flower pots under the windows, and sneered. It may be pretty, and very well, it may have a rather stunning view of Rivendell’s waterfalls to the east side of the house, and a vast space leading to lush greenery towards the south, but what was the appeal really?


He rapped on the door, (a dark wood with various subtle elvish designs upon the front – quite elegant), and listened to someone, who presumed to be Erestor, moving from within. The door swung open, and Erestor stood there looking quite casual, somewhat breathless, and greeted him with a smile that always made Glorfindel feel as if he’d just arrived home after a long absence. A ‘You’re here, finally,’ smile.


“Hello you.” His voice, an understated quiet timber that Glorfindel found so pleasing to listen to, was as always, warm and welcoming. Erestor took a step back and waved him in. “I haven’t seen you all week, how have been?”


Glorfindel stepped into the sparsely furnished home, trying his best to not glare out right, and failing miserably. He had to admit the surroundings were quite pleasant, rather warm. Much like Erestor’s quarters had been, but more cosy, perhaps.  Crossing his arms in an unconsciously defensive stance, he summoned up his manners and quickly searched for something complimentary to say regarding Erestor’s new home.


“I can’t believe you left me.”


                He had meant to say something nice about the fire place, honestly.


“Glorfindel,” Erestor laughed softly, stepping up and reaching behind him to squeeze both of the warrior’s shoulders, then passing him, eyeing the ridiculously pouting elf as reached into a cabinet to pull out two glasses. “You are such a child.”


“No I’m not.” Glorfindel said with a humph, and then glanced around him pointedly. “Where is my chair?”


                Erestor set the glass he had been filling with Glorfindels favourite brandy down with a thunk and rolled his eyes. “Oh’s over here, just hang on.” He walked past the blond, giving him a playful shove to the arm. “Until recently this floor has been mostly covered with wood shavings, your ratty old chair – which you should feel honoured I even kept- has been covered with a sheet and kept out of harms way.” Erestor reappeared, huffing as he pushed the large stuffed chair into the still rather empty room which he assumed to be the lounge are.


                Glofindel allowed a small smile. The chair was inordinately ugly, but very comfortable. It was at least two decades old and starting to show its wear, but the warrior had not permitted the advisor to dispose of it. The brunette had even offered to give Glorfindel the chair, but that was just all wrong. It was Glorfindel’s chair in Erestor’s rooms. Period. The chair he and only he sat in. That Erestor had been willing to humour him and keep the hideous thing for so long (Erestor had in fact always deplored and criticised the blonds’ choice in decor), proved to Glorfindel that he held a certain distinction in Erestor’s life. He was Erestor’s Glorfindel, and he had his own chair. No one else did.


                “That’s something, I suppose.” He said with mock resignation and sat down with an over exaggerated sigh of pleasure. He gladly took the glass handed to him, offering a genuine, if not small smile to his friend. He gently held onto Erestor’s wrist as the advisor pulled back. The advisor blinked at him in question.


                Looking at the slender wrist in his grip, he let his thump gently stroke over the inside, over the steady pulse. “I hate that you’re not next door to me anymore.”


                Erestor’s shoulders slumped, and he smiled that smile.


                “Glorfindel,” the affection in his voice was plain as day. “I’m a stone’s throw away, you silly lump.”


                “That’s too far.”


                Erestor’s laugh held an audible ‘aww’ as he leaned down, extracting his wrist so as to touch one of the warrior’s cheeks, and kiss the other. “You can be awfully adorable, you know that? A horses rear end at times, but adorable too. It’s enough to make a poor elf feel guilty.”


                “And so you should.”


                “Brat.” Erestor moved back to the cabinet to pour himself a drink.


                Glorfindel sighed, and traced the familiar pattern on the arm rest, “you’ve been all busy.” He accused.


                Erestor beamed proudly and outstretched his arms. “With my new home.”


                “You already had a home. One that came with a built in best friend.”


                “So does this one, so stop your whining.” He leaned back against the fire place, and sipped at his brandy. His warm brown eyes locked onto Glorfindel.


                Glorfindel laughed, unable to maintain his original foul mood around Erestor. He looked at his friend, truly drank him in as he would every now and then, simply appreciating the splendid mix of handsome and beautiful before him.  The elf had his dark hair pulled back in a loose bun/tail, stray tendrils falling around his lovely face, evidence of the shifting of furniture he was undoubtedly doing elsewhere in the small home before Glorfindel had arrived.


                With his arms as they were, even through the loose fitted and marked tunic Glorfindel could make out the broad shoulders – no way near the breadth of his own but broad nonetheless – and slim biceps. Erestor truly had an appearance that could be appreciated by male and females alike. He was slim, with a small waist and not as much height as he may like, but there muscle there, subtle and enticing.


                “What is it?” Erestor asked, curious. “What are you thinking?”


                One corner of Glorfindel’s lips lifted in a smile. Erestor always needed to be in the know, he was always guessing at what the warrior’s mind was. “I was just thinking-”


                “Careful now.” Erestor winked. Glorfindel loved it when he did that. It left him with butterflies in his stomach.


                “I was just wondering at how anyone came to be as handsome as you.”


                Erestor blinked in surprise, and then gave a small breathless laugh of both discomfort and pleasure as he stroked the back of his neck. “You are such a tease.”


                “And you are as gorgeous as ever,” Glorfindel smiled secretly, looking the other elf up and down, “all ruffled and relaxed,” he sighed.


                Erestor watched him, there being nothing but quiet between them for a few seconds, but then squinted and smiled, wagging his finger as he turned to top up his drink. “You can flirt all you like but I’m staying put.”


                They had played around the delicate line of friendship and more than friendship for years, content to take their time, and perhaps fearful of disrupting what they already had. Glorfindel took another mouthful of brandy, enjoying the burn.


                “Alright, I’ll admit, it is a lovely home, Erestor. It’s lovely. But why the sudden change?”


                Erestor sighed as he leaned against the mantle, looking upwards in thought. Glorfindel had always loved the small frown line that appeared between those dark brows. It always meant that the advisor was giving your question thought – and his full attention.


                The advisor placed his glass down and leaned back on both elbows, his legs crossed at the ankles. “The homely house is...I will always think of it as a home,” he smiled, “it’s where you are, after all.”


                Glorfindel lifted an eyebrow in surprise, touched.


                “But it’s too close to my work, and it’s shared with so many other people.” He shook his head minutely. “Don’t get me wrong,” he rushed on, “I love them, all of our friends that reside there, but,” he looked away and shrugged, searching for words. “I’m a private person. I like the quiet. I like space. I finally have something that is all mine, built from the ground up.”


                Glorfindel sighed, and looked around the room. He smiled when spotting where an entire wall had been dedicated to a newly crafted bookcase that was presently empty. Glorfindel knew it would not remain so for long. He heard a scraping, and glanced back to see Erestor pulling a low stool to sit before him, right in front of him, between his knees.


                “I grew up in a home similar to this, Glorfindel. We did not have much, it was modest, and practically everything was either sewn or crafted by my mother and father, but it was so homely, Glorfindel, so full of love. I want something like that again”


Erestor looked around the room, and Glorfindel could tell the dark haired elf was already at home in this cottage. He knew that when Erestor looked at the as of yet bare walls, he was seeing into the past, he was recalling much cherished memories.


“It is truly lovely, Erestor.” He nodded. “It’s you. It has you all over it. It makes me want to curl up on the rug and stay here.”


Erestor smiled, and touched his hand to Glorfindel’s cheek. “I’m not in the suite next to you anymore, but you are still first in my heart,” he pulled his hand away, sitting up, and playfully tapped Glorfindel’s boot with his own foot. “Always first, you insufferable creature.”


Glorfindel smiled. He loved Erestor. He loved him.


“I’ve tried to engage Elrond in conversation in your absence, you know. I swear he’s impossible. If it’s not about work, his wife, or his children, he doesn’t want to know.”


Erestor gently slapped the warrior’s knee. “Oh hush; you love that family as much as I do. Next to me he is your closest friend and you know it.”


“This is true, but it’s just not the same. Don’t you dare disappear on me for so long again.”


“Oh and when you are away for months at a time, that’s fine is it?”


“That is different.”


“How so?”


“You are far more mature than I; I would wager you barely notice my absence.”


“I miss you terribly, as you well know. And you should be ashamed of such obvious fishing.” Erestor grinned. “I know Elrond may be a bore but-”


“Oh you are far more boring than Elrond.” Glorfindel snorted.


Erestor’s look of surprise and insult made Glorfindel laugh aloud.


“I am not boring!”He practically spluttered.


“Yes, you are.”


Erestor leaned back on his stool and crossed his arms. “You have just gone on and on about how much you miss me!”


Glorfindel bit his lip against a wide grin. Erestor, when outraged, was enchanting. “I have and I will, but – and I mean this as a compliment - you still remain boring.”


A brief flash of genuine hurt showed in those beautifully dark eyes, and Erestor made to stand. Glorfindel darted out a hand and held onto the advisor’s wrist. Erestor slowly sat back on the stool, looking at the warrior questionably.


“You are wonderfully, wonderfully boring, Erestor.” He licked his suddenly dry lips. “I’ve been through hell and fire, you know that.”


Erestor regarded him seriously, clearly surprised at the turn in conversation. There was no pulling away from the blond’s hold as Erestor gave him his full attention.


“And as we all look towards an uncertain future, I may very well face that again. I’ve never really known a calm life, I never had this” he looked around him, indicating the cosy abode. “Not even as a youngster. So when I say that you are boring, I mean that I can breathe when I’m around you. I mean that you are my steady port in a stormy harbour. I mean that you are and you will always be my home.”


                Erestor let out a soft breath, his eyes all of a sudden glassy, his throat bobbed as he swallowed. “Glorfindel,” he spoke softly, almost reverently.


                “I have always loved how we practically lived in one another’s shoes, Erestor, I will miss that.” He spoke almost nostalgically.


                Erestor let out a small and sad laugh. “I haven’t gone anywhere, silly.” His voice was not entirely steady as he again reached out to brush Glorfindel’s cheek.


                Glorfindel held that hand to his cheek, wondering how they had moved on to such serious ground, and then lowered Erestor’s hand, entwining their fingers.


                Why not take that final step? Why not have a taste of bliss?


                Glorfindel licked his bottom lip nervously, darting a glance to Erestor’s own pale lips, and then back up to those dark eyes. He let go of Erestor’s hand, swallowed, and placed one of his own on Erestor’s hip, the other gently clutched at the front of advisor’s loose tunic as he quietly shifted forwards in his chair and pulled him forwards.      


                As a knee jerk reaction, Erestor let out a small gasp when realising the warrior’s intentions, and pulled back, ever so slightly.


                “No,” Glorfindel whispered. “Don’t pull back.”


                Erestor watched, almost warily, as Glorfindel stretched his neck forwards, and touched their lips together. It was as soft as a brush of a feather. He pulled back a small ways, enough to look into Erestor’s eyes, to try and read him.


Erestor watched him for a moment, and as his dark brows drew upwards almost sadly, he leaned forwards, his hands reaching to hold Glorfindel’s face gently, and brought their lips together again with an unbearably helpless sigh.


It were as if a damn had been opened, and a steady and careful lake released that ran deeper than any other, so deep that there was no end, no end in sight.


Every nerve ending was alight with awareness and new life as Glorfindel gracefully pulled Erestor from the stool, to astride his lap. The advisor’s arms wound their way around Glorfindel’s neck as the brunette deepened the kiss, taking complete and utter possession of Glorfindel.


All of a sudden Erestor ripped his mouth away from Glorfindel’s, but remained where he was, and touched his brow to Glorfindel’s. “What are we doing? What in Middle Earth are we doing, Glorfindel?”


Perhaps Erestor’s breathless question would have worried Glorfindel, were it not for the advisor’s hand cupping the back of his head, gently kneading his neck whist his other arm remained wrapped around him, whilst the whole of Erestor remained wrapped around him.


“I don’t know,” he kept his eyes closed, and smiled softly as he wet his lips, tasting Erestor still. “But it’s good.”


Good?” Erestor let out a single sputter of a laugh, “You kiss me like that and you say ‘good’? I find your vocabulary - whilst perfectly acceptable - tends to be understated, at times. ‘Good’, he says.”


Glorfindel smiled widely, his hand gently following the curve of Erestor’s back. “Then what words would you use?”


“It was not good, Glorfindel,” he brushed his lips against Glorfindel’s once more, eliciting a happy sigh from the warrior. “It was heaven. It is pure heaven kissing you. I knew it would be.”


“I knew it.” Glorfindel chuckled, wrapping an arm around Erestor’s backside and shifting him closer on his lap. “I knew you’d thought about kissing me.”


“Of course I have,” Erestor spoke between lingering kisses, his very voice suggesting the absurdness of any other possibility. “I adore you.” He kissed him. “I want you.” He shifted on his lap; his knees bent comfortably either side of the warrior’s hips. “I need you.”


Glorfindel groaned into the kiss, fire awakening in his stomach and in his loins. But he knew that this was something to be savoured, now that they were finally on the right path.


“Mayhap I could build my own home, right next to yours. I hate being even a stone’s throw away from you.”


Erestor’s smile broke the kiss, and he pulled back, staring down into blue eyes gone dark with desire as he affectionately stroked back blond hair he had unwittingly ruffled.


“Glorfindel,” he said his name with complete ownership, with utter veneration. “Why do think I had a spare room built when I so enjoy my privacy?”


                Erestor brought their lips together once more, and Glorfindel, so delighted, could not help but smile into it.


A spare room would be just fine for now; he merely craved Erestor’s presence, his closeness as he had always known it. There was time to move things along. There would be time for the rest of his ‘deplorable’ possessions to join his one chair. He would see it done; he would help Erestor recreate his much desired simple home, abundant with the warmth of another’s presence, and their love for one another.


All in good time.



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