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  • Sat, 06:06: RT @briantashman: Trump wanted Obama resign over *eleven* cases of Ebola
  • Sat, 06:08: RT @mjfree: Why I hate Trump? Because I’d feel pretty damn shitty if I killed these vets. He could give a fuck.
  • Sat, 06:17: RT @cogitatotomato: A tale in two parts:
  • Sat, 06:19: RT @timruss2: "If Frankenstein decided to make a monster assembled entirely from human flaws – he would make a Trump."
  • Sat, 06:21: RT @StephenKing: Worst jobs report in history, but the Dow pops 500. The fat cats are doing fine, ‘cos that’s life under Trump.
  • Sat, 06:21: RT @ziwe: STUPID BITCH
  • Sat, 06:23: RT @gtconway3d: This documentary is terrific. Can’t wait for everyone to see it.
  • Sat, 06:26: RT @JoeNBC: Ted, when I make a mistake I admit it. You remain mired in shame because you kowtow to a man who called your wife ugly and said…
  • Sat, 06:27: RT @JoeNBC: Are Trump’s Facebook allies really banning this ad? It’s their company but what a bad look for Zuckerberg and Sandberg. We will…
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    Thu, 13:03: RT @ HoarseWisperer: Have they considered cutting the information into fun shapes? That used to work with my son when he was three.…

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    Wed, 12:10: RT @ NathanHRubin: Let me get this straight. The Obama administration sent classified emails asking everyone to be professional and…

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    Tue, 12:39: RT @ AndyBCampbell: Sometimes the president retweets racists. Other times he tweets people who don’t share his views as much…

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