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  • Wed, 13:37: RT @shannonrwatts: Justin Amash is a gun extremist who opposes Red Flag laws and supports giving civilians easy access to military-style we…
  • Wed, 13:38: RT @WalshFreedom: ANY vote for ANYONE but the Democratic Party nominee is a vote for the most dangerous, most unfit, most corrupt, and most…
  • Wed, 13:39: RT @RadioFreeTom: There is zero chance - zero - that Justin Amash will win the presidency. There is plenty of chance that Amash's votes wi…
  • Wed, 13:40: RT @atrupar: Trump was whisked to Walter Reed hospital for an unplanned emergency-style visit last November. The public was later told it…
  • Wed, 19:41: RT @timruss2: You fat turtle neck ass hole!!! We in California and NY don't get back anywhere near the Federal tax dollars we put in to th…
  • Wed, 19:42: RT @MichaelBePetty: We already got one pandemic going on, the last thing we need is to release another plague onto this Earth.
  • Wed, 19:42: RT @votevets:
  • Wed, 20:15: RT @timruss2: McConnell literally says he is not going to bail out the "Blue" states, that have the highest rates of Coronavirus, in the mi…
  • Wed, 20:15: RT @stealthygeek: He's finally gone full supervillain. Called it.
  • Wed, 20:16: RT @itsJeffTiedrich: @elonmusk do you have any idea just how ridiculous you sound
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