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  • Wed, 08:54: RT @JoshuaPotash: This. This this this. Those hiding Anne Frank were breaking the law. Those who arrested her and put her in a camp were…
  • Wed, 08:54: RT @MaryEmilyOHara: The week Heather Heyer died, I had exclusive interviews with medics who said state police forced them to stop working o…
  • Wed, 08:56: RT @nowthisnews: Trump said we’ll be curing AIDS and childhood cancer soon. His administration cut $1 billion from global AIDS initiative…
  • Wed, 10:17: RT @JamesMartinSJ: Disgusting. At first I thought this was a joke. I'm glad Emma Lazarus's poem in the Statue of Liberty is etched in stone…
Tags: #trumpisawhitesupremacist, twitter
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