March 5th, 2020


My tweets

  • Wed, 12:54: RT @WindsorMann: Trump spent more money on silencing a porn star.
  • Wed, 12:56: RT @joncoopertweets: GOP blocking coronavirus bill — because it limits how much drugmakers can charge for a vaccine
  • Wed, 13:03: RT @VABVOX: Sanders is blaming Warren for his losses when he has been running for president since 2015 and been in politics for 40yrs and s…
  • Wed, 13:03: RT @WindsorMann: Trump said Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg “should be impeached.” Trump is the third president to be impeached and the f…
  • Wed, 13:05: RT @natasharothwell: For the primaries, do you. For the general, do us. Unity over stupidity.
  • Wed, 13:06: RT @Lawrence: Donald Trump got impeached trying to prevent what @JoeBiden is doing tonight.
  • Wed, 13:13: RT @PaulLidicul: That doesn't even cover how much Eric stole from Cancer kids.
  • Wed, 16:55: RT @soledadobrien: You can thank the Supreme Court for this:
  • Wed, 21:37: RT @HillaryClinton: When you call anything inconvenient to you a "hoax," when you undermine facts and truth, and when you rid the governmen…
  • Wed, 21:38: RT @BarackObama: Protect yourself and your community from coronavirus with common sense precautions: wash your hands, stay home when sick a…
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