July 2nd, 2019


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  • Mon, 13:15: RT @akkitwts: This is the best thing you will see today😍 https://t.co/3ASbKsLptw
  • Mon, 13:16: RT @tedlieu: Dear @CBP: WTF, why were you NOT permitting health experts into your facilities? And to partisan hack Bill Barr of @TheJustic
  • Mon, 13:17: RT @JoyceWhiteVance: Sending migrant kids to GITMO will accomplish one major thing-it will make it far more difficult for pesky journalists…
  • Mon, 13:18: RT @TheTattooedProf: Making him the only person fired as a result of migrant deaths. Sit with that for a minute. https://t.co/CJQg7XphLa
  • Mon, 13:18: RT @K_JeanPierre: Once again, the courts to the rescue. Thank goodness for the courts, but how awful is it that Judges have to step in (in…
  • Mon, 13:18: RT @AmbassadorRice: At the risk of stating the obvious, this is horse-sh*t. https://t.co/9YpgVF7qEP
  • Mon, 13:19: RT @iVONlenell: Y’all see how ‘18 is minding his own business and ‘68 worried bout someone else? This says a lot about society https://t.co
  • Tue, 04:09: RT @AOC: After I forced myself into a cell w/ women&began speaking to them, one of them described their treatment at the hands of officers…
  • Tue, 04:09: RT @AOC: Now I’m on my way to Clint, where the Trump admin was denying children toothpaste and soap. This has been horrifying so far. It i…
  • Tue, 04:10: RT @AOC: This was in fact the type of toilet we saw in the cell. Except there was just one, and the sink portion was not functioning - @Ay
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