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Dream to Make Believe

I wake up and think dreams are real

that girl over there.
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Lazy. Tired. Girl. Sleepy. Romantic. Dreamer. Reader. Writer. Movie-watcher (esp classic movies - *sigh* Casablanca). Stresser. Searcher. Tea drinker. Crazy. Artist. Nerd. Procrastinator. Manga reader. Anime watcher. Walker. Runner. Baker. Shopper. Swimmer. Rider. Dancer. Latin-er. Helper. Origami-er. Music listener. Thinker. Solver. Hoper. Me.

I like : being with people i love. receiving letters. listening to amazing lyrics. reading poems. day dreaming. thinking. solving. learning. smiling. laughing. crying. watching great movies. reading cute manga. talking on the phone. emaling / receiving emails. being hugged. being surprised. being lifted up. achieving goals. doing well. helping people. long walks on sunny days. star gazing. cloud gazing. sleeping. drawing. writing. discovering. playing the violin. dancing. talking. doing nothing and not feeling bad about it. relaxing. warming up near a fire. sleeping in. waking up early. (yes, I realize there is a slight problem there). [...]