Oh hai, I can see right up them shorts.

Ha. I love Family Guy. Anyways! I just wanted to say hey, I guess. This week has been sooo crazy so far! My sleep schedule is beyond f'ked up and ughh! I'm always so exhausted. There's a lot going on on campus tomorrow, but I think after I attend a few events (bocci ball doubles & the poetry slam, maybe the lgbtq cookout) I'll come home and just pass out. After work on Saturday I plan on holing up in the library. Can you believe I'm already so behind in my reading? Lol, I can. I mean, I am Diarra after all. But uhh...that's all I wanted to say. It's nothing spectacular, I know but that's alrrrrright. Goodnight!
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Who would have thought forever could be severed by the sharp knife of a short life.The

Well howdy y'all!

It's almost been a month since I last posted. I'm totally slacking, and if anyone even read this I suppose I'd be apologetic. But since no one does, oh well lol.

So last Friday I moved into my first apartment! Excitingggg! I'm pretty much done decorating my room, except I haven't put anything up on my walls yet. I can't decide which picture frames to buy, so it's putting a halt on the whole creative process. I guess I'll post pictures either here on FB, or both, when I'm all done.

I think the Texan in me is reaching completion. I've been listening to a lot of country music lately and I lerv it. It's kinda funny how after saying I would never be into techno/trance/house/etc. and country music, here I am loving it all. Alex would be proud. If we still spoke that is. Maybe? I dunno. Part of me wants to apologize for all of "that," but I'm not sure if I should or not. I've been thinking about it for a while now and I still have no idea what to do. Sigh.

There was a cockroach in my sink yesterday. I couldn't see it because it was hiding in the holes in the bank of the sink, so I just sprayed a lot of cleaning products in there lol. I THOUGHT it was dead, since I didn't see it at all yesterday or today. But nope! That sucker was still alive. Katie texted me today at work to tell me how huge it was, and ughghghghgh! Thank god I wasn't here to see it. I probably would've dropped a deuce in my pants. I hate bugs! I really really do! They creep me out and ughh.

Koda's sick! :( He needs new brake pads in the back so I'm taking him to get fixed bright and early Tuesday morning before I go to work. Speaking of work, I love my job as an OA! It's been a lot of fun so far, and I'm sure the fun level's only gonna go up as the year goes on. I want to get a second job for the weekends, but I don't know if I should or not. I know I'm gonna be hella busy with school (18 hours) but I'm making a resolution to myself to haul ass. I'll except nothing but the best from me this semester.

Uhh...I guess that's it for now. I'll try to write more often, or at least regularly so that when I look back on this in a few years I can giggle at how ridiculous I was. Au revoir!
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Don't you know about the bird?

i had a very verrryyy strange dream the other night, and i forgot to write about it until just now. anyways...

i decided i wanted to go to my stepmom's house in the middle of the night (#!1) so i decided to take a shortcut along the beach (#2). so i'm jogging along the beach, but the shore's about a foot wide before the ocean floor makes a steep drop into the next tidal zone (and i wish i remembered what this is called, but alas i didn't pay much attention in geology...or wherever i learned this from) so i'm pretty much hugging the rocks that are along the sand, not to mention the sand's really weighed down with water so i'm jogging through mud essentially (#3 and #4). eventually, i come up to this beach house whose back wall is entirely made of glass, and conveniently (or not) the back door's unlocked so i go inside (#5). there's a guy there and we end up in the laundry room (or maybe it was a roomy closet, i don't recall) together (#6) while another girl walks by as if she doesn't even see us (#7) and goes into the office to use the computer. time passes and there's a loud bang, so the guy and i look at each other wildly and run out of the room we're in. we head to the front door and as i step outside, there's a neighbor standing on the walkway staring at me (#8). i'm staring back at them, then suddenly this gigantic ass buffalo-dog brushes up against my leg (#9). it came out of no where and you couldn't see the front half of it, only it's hind legs and lower torso (#10). i freak out a bit and run away from the porch and jog down the sidewalk for a while until i run into this middle aged woman who's walking her dog (in the middle of the night, #11). i ask her where cahone trail is, and she looks at me with a polite smile and points to the street sign and says, "darling cahone trail is right here." i say, "oh, i was looking for trail b. that's where my stepmom lives." the lady lowers her eyes a bit then starts to cry as she tells me that her husband dies on trail b, and i just kinda stand there, dumbfounded. and then i woke up. the end.

ps. i wish h-e-b's where everywhere!
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alrightttt. so my attempt to write in here on a semi-regular basis was short lived.
i think i'll only be writing in this thing when i have something to vent about lol.

i saw predators with my daddy today and it gets two thumbs down from me. i was expecting so much more from it but it was so lame. the only good part about the movie was towards the end when brody took off his shirt and started beating the hell out of a predator. i'm not too fond of brody's face, but gah damn! his body is hot.

my mom, alex and i went to the domain yesterday for yogurt since the place across the street isn't open yet and mmmmm mm! i pretty much love all things dulce de leche and dulce flavored yogurt is no exception. it was scrump, even though my sister put sprinkles on it.

uhh...well idk why i wrote this. i just wanted to complain about being sick and feeling like poop.

[edit] oh yeah!
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Toodles to you bitches!

I think today was the first day that I've enjoyed being in Burlington.
Not like a 'satisfactory' of enjoyment, but I actually had fun.
Today was a good day :)

And I think I understand myself a little bit better. I'm not very good at hiding my emotions of anger/frustration/etc. but that's alright because I never act hastily. I may mentally react without thought but that's as far as it goes and I'm perfectly fine with that. If I want to be upset in my head, then so be it; whatever grudge I may have usually dissipates within a day or so.

And I wish my mother wasn't such an assuming person. Shoot, no one should be. There's nothing that I hate more than when someone else tells me how I am or how I feel. You have no freaking idea what goes on through my head, so don't act like you do. I wish I could say all of the things I think to my mother's face and to my aunt's face, but I can't. I just have to sit here and hold my tongue because if I do finally free my tongue then I'll just be labeled as an ingrate and a disrespectful child. I think that's complete crap. I know you're supposed to respect your elders and all, but if they're not going to show you respect back then fuck it. Haha, well mentally fuck it in my case. Long long sigh...

Will someone tell me when I'll finally be an adult not according to the law? Cause I would really like to know.

Anyways. I suppose that's it for my daily rant. On to the things that made my day fun. Weeee :)
  1. Spain beat Chile! HOLLLLAAAAA FURIA ROJA! It's not that I'm against Chile or anything but I needed Spain to win (or a variety of other circumstances) in order for them to advance. The knockout stage and the quarter finals are gonna be a hot mess. I'm predicting that Argentina and Germany are going to have to face each other next, and if that's the case I just don't know who I'm going to cheer for lol. I love them both! I love la copa. I really do. And ABC's FINALLY going to have more of the games on tv. I'm getting tired of watching them online! The internet here is super unreliable so watching live streams is a total nightmare.

  3. We went bowling tonight and it was a lot of fun even though I suck lol. And I'm pretty sure I dislocated my hip or somethin cause it's hurtin, real bad.

  5. I finished another book today. The ending was hella gay, but whatever. I'm just glad to be able to read something non-school related and enjoy it! I started reading Interview With a Vampire last summer and I still haven't finished it lol. I probably won't either. It's been a year since I've picked that book up and blahh. I enjoyed reading as much as I did but I just don't think I have it in me to finish it. But I shall start my next book tomorrow and hopefully I'll have it finished by Monday so I can dive into Greek comedies. Aristophanes is too funny and you should read some of his plays if you want a good laugh.
I'm tired and my arm hurts from writing. This is probably full of grammar mistakes and so forth, but that's alright. When I read this journal five years from now I can shake my head just like I did a couple weeks ago when I purged the thing. I think I just used purged incorrectly, but that's okay too. At least I can spell it lol. Nahh that's mean. Actually, it's not. I do judge you wen u rite like dis oOr thiiS n th@t. Alright. Goobascooba.
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I should become...

a professional ranter. I'm really good at it.


Yesterday I was in Chapel Hill for my birthday lunch. I only invited a few people since everyone's home already so it was small and "intimate." We ate at Spanky's (yummm) and I will forever appreciate how they have weekly specials. This week they had this scrump ass fried goat cheese and chicken salad and it t was a-ma-zing. Speaking of cheese, I want to go to a cheese festival. I think I'll add become a cheese connoisseur to my things I wanna do list. Mmm cheese. Ha, anyways.

After dinner we saw Toy Story 3 :) I loved it! It was just as good as the other two if not better. Katie and Joe started crying during the movie, lol what chumps. Apres cela we were supposed to go to Joe's for a fiesta, but Katie wasn't feeling well so...yah. That was the end of our night.

I bought my ticket home today. I think my mother's angry with me, but you know what? I don't care. I may have made the decision to leave North Carolina prematurely, but I know what's best for me. And having to stay here in this hell for however much longer would not have been in my best interest. I think it's worse that when I do try to talk to my mom, and open up to her, she gives me bull shit lines like "Oh stop being so emotional." I can just hear the anger and annoyance in her voice you know? So much for having a mother-daughter bond. I guess being on friendly terms with her in the best our relationship can manage.

Haha well it's been two hours since I started writing this post. I got distracted by some things and ate dinner, so now I've completely forgotten about the other things I wanted to say. So...goodnight.