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+end this shit

with a flood of Blood~

~[slowly]_we rot
2 May
Meaghan's ex-LJ.

If you're on her old friends list, I suggest you delete me =]

i'm still working on this, come back again, thank you :)

>>------------------------[~ e x h u m e t o c o n s u m e ~]--------------------->>>>

+I just got this today, so more coming soon.

>>------------------------[~ t h e g e n u i n e p u l s e ~]--------------------->>>>
akercocke, alverg, anarchy, animus mortis, anorexia, apathy, arch enemy, as i lay dying, at the gates, band tees, bathory, beelzebub, behemoth, being lazy, black metal, bleeding through, blindside, bmxing, bolt thrower, borknagar, buffy the vampire slayer, burzum, cake, camden town, candlemass, cannibal corpse, carcass, chaos symphony, cheeze, columbine, conspiracy theories, corsets, cristina scabbia, cryptopsy, customising, cynicism, daemons, dark tranquility, darkthrone, death, death metal, decapitated, deicide, demons, deranged, diet coke, diet pepsi, dimmu borgir, doing nothing, download festival, dragonflies, dragons, drawings of mythical creatures, dvds, dying, dying fetus, eating, eating disorders, emperor, enslaved, ephel duath, eric harris, evoken, exodus, fantasy books, fear factory, films, freddy kruger, friends, god forbid, grand theft auto games, hair, hate, hate eternal, hatebreed, horror movies, iced earth, immortal, impaled nazarene, impamiiz graa, insision, internet, into eternity, ion dissonance, kalmah, kampfar, kekal, killswitch engage, king diamond, kreator, lacuna coil, lamb of god, love, machinehead, mastodon, mercyful fate, meshuggah, metal music, morbid angel, mudvayne, my dying bride, mythical creatures, noghost, norther, old horror, old man's child, opeth, otep, our lady peace, pantera, peaches, piercings, pig destroyer, progressive metal, quake, quake 3, quentin tarantino, rammstein, ribbons, rituals, samael, satyricon, seafood, shadows fall, shit like that, skin & bones, slayer, sleeping, snowboarding, soilwork, sourgreen, south africa, speed metal, tattoos, teratism, testament, the abarat, the agony scene, thrash metal, throwdown, tiamat, unearth, vader, vampires, venom