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I'm a Salvager just like you

Jack Ferriman
19 October
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I'm not who I seem, but I can fool those around me pretty convincingly. No one knows the real me beforehand and those that quickly learn... Well let's just say they can't go back to their quaint insignificant lifestyle and reveal the plans management and myself have planned out.

Skills: Physically dead, or immortal in some cases, Jack has the ability to do several things most living mortals cannot though he appears human himself. Like a ghost, Jack is able to appear in a room completely invisible without being seen to the human eyes, and he can also move things physically with his mind. Jack is able to shapeshift into those who he's killed and marked into his little collection.

A rather deceiving individual, Jack pretends to be a generally nice and shy person, but cunningly lures them into his grasp for an easy and violent kill.

Weakness: Since being a solid structure, Jack suffers from the pain he endures for attempting to claim and capture souls. Like any human, he bleeds and feels mass amounts of agony for his wounds, but amazingly, he can heal rather quickly.

Like any man, Jack lusts after women, and his desire for these feisty beings causes him to get distracted and possibly upper-handed by someone attemping to foil his plans.

This journal is fictional and for writing, and roleplaying purposes only. I am not Jack Ferriman, or Desmond Harrington, nor is Jack going to show up one day and steal your soul. So please don't sue me, or attempt to hunt me down really, for trying to bring life to an awesome character!

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