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Never Too Old

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» (No Subject)
im amazed if anyone still reads this. shrug.
summer is nearing its end (and i think the last time i updated was when i was waiting for it to begin).
im going back to school soon. and looking forward to it. its very hot in virginia and when im not sweating off my face, i am stuck at home listening to my mom and sister both complain 24/7 about the heat.
» [x] stolen from leah (amottie86)
List the first sentence of the first entry of each month of 2004.

[[ FYI: i started in livejournal in july. ]]

  • july 30th>> It took awhile, but I made the switch from deadjournal (after repeated fart instances) to livejournal.
  • august 1st>> Well, that certainly was fun.
  • september 26th>> Reply in a comment with your name.
  • november 14th>> I'm going to murder my CD player (followed by my econ professor)!!
  • december 31st>> welcome to the last day of 2004.

» the drill as follows..

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