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Fans Of Mine


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This site was made up on many adam green fan's minds. First steps were made by Melle and Robert. After half a year the site was taken down and Jenny took her time to rebuilt it again. After another year the updated site was launched May 28th 2005.
This site is still running, still a little under construction and not perfect but still Jenny wants to thank people who helped her with it or motivated her in long nights of working on the site. Special credits go to Kimya Dawson who's records kept her awake.

Thanks: Adam Green, Robert, Stefan, Emily, Andrea, Lina, Sibsi& Heiko& local heroes, Loribeth, Joel, Adam Flaherty, The Gnomes, Jack Dishel, Richard Priest, Larissa Brown, Rough Trade, Elena, Cork, corleone, cubilas, all members of the Adam Green boards, Toby, Melle, Josephine, everyone who sent videos, pictures or bootlegs (special thanks to Philip Bajo, Holger Noß and Andrea), my friends and patient family, the fans and you.

Tell me if I missed to list you.

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