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oh and btw im goin out with karl now ...hehe ...since tuesday :) :P eheh <3 Karl <3
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8th sept

been back at skool for 2 days now and izies still bein funny with me..argh im sick of it ...its not as thou she knows anythin for sure..shes just assuming..stupid bitch.
im at sawyers tomoorow night and then sleepin at annies after..i duno whats im gna do tbh cos sawyer doesnt seem as tho he wants tosee me..but i guess ill see ay?..
awwh well one day left at skkol till the weekend :D...Omg and i think im startin to like adam agen:( oooh nooo...update soon x mwah x<3
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back to skool :(

first day back at skool today and it went okies i guess.,,izzie and sarah seemed to be in a modd with me but other than that it was all okeis..ooh and amy tk kept lookin at me n laughin but meh ill get over her hehe ...and everyone was else was pleased to see me and all said how pretty i looked..lmao...anyways better be off..wanna go out in a bit :)...Byebye x<3x<3x
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argh man:(

dont thunk i can have my own computer now cos it wont be able to hack the inet :( so tht sucks ...gta go get ready now x <3
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hehe a big update

well satde went to wolvo with vikey bex and nath and met up with ryan and mitch and pplz and spent the day with them..spent most my time with mitch which was rele rele kewl :) hehe ..then i came home and was suposed to be meetin up with sawyer but went over black cat and got pissed instaead and then i had a phone call to say ellie was in hospital and i was soo upset..shed had an alergic reaction to the penecillin and luckily my dad was at the hospital with her before it got too bad...so shes all okeis now :)...i love her soo much i rele rele do...shes my world.peopel that mean alot to me atm are..all my family.especially mom dad ryan and ellie...annie vikey macca bex nath and sawyer <3 love them all so much duno whrts i do without them...
and sunday spent the day doin sorsework same as todays ...im just talkin to sawyer atm bouts random stuff and i think im goin to see him friday thn sleepin at annies after :D shud be rele kewwl:D ...aint seen annie in ages and so i kinda cant wiat to go back to skool on wednesday cos i get to see her lotsh more..witch will be super kewl..ooh and my tinkerbell lunchbox (well kiddys lunchbag) is amazing..but i hope workload isnt too much. Gta do my english and abot of science tomoz then im done..and i think im havin my moms room and were decoraating it black n white n grey:D gna be ace...last day to do whats i want tomoz...its been a rele fast but shit 6 weeks ...with all the crap thats happend but i think werre finnaly seein a light at the end of the tunnel :D hehe hopefully anyways<3...
Hawthone heights soon
and taste of chaos tour and MCR :O wow
cant wait .
better be off anyways <3 laurie x
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finaly foound time to update

eeek well im happy i rele am...id fell out with sawyer but now its all sorted and were better than ever :D yey...ooh and also i think ryans cumin down tomoz..yey..hotness:P hehe alssssso maccaas on holiday and i miss him:(..hes back on satde tho not to long i think...hehe...
erm familys all gd atm and i got my grades bk on thursay just gone i got B for stats n thats final so already i ahve a gcse hehe :) a year early
eek goin to see sawyer on friday ..yey aint seen him in ages...byebey xxxx
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silverstein 2nyt:)


wow silverstein were sooo amazin:) but they wernt on for long enough....it was like they were on for as long as the support acts and the main band are usually on longer.but they were ace...lolz

i was supposed to catch the bus n train up with macca but he never answerd his phone....so i was on msn at 6 tlkin2 ben n i realised the concert started at 6 so i got ready super quick and bens dad dropped us off. when we got there i looked round for macca but he wasnt there so i stayed with nikki n ben n then eventually he came but he just ignored me and when i spoke to him it was as tho he was embarrased to spk to me:( n then ben was watchin aiden and me n nikki went to get a drink n i saw macca so i poked him n he turned round..looked at me....and then turned away...so i draged him bak n he sed wat do you want n then turned bak agen...so i just walked away.
then pez got me n nikki some alcomohal and he saw me n sed dont get too wasted n i just turned away from him..n then he just walked off. then me n nikki went into the pit for smashed into pieces and then she went and stod by ben cos she daint know any of the other songs...so i went n found macca n ryan n luke n mitch n karl n i stayed with them.i got on rele well with luke n ryan n mitch n i think it annoyed macca a lil bit so haha:P but maybe it didnt.lolz
then at the end of the night when we went out i got macca to take me to nikki and ben n i was huggin him 4 ages n then he sed i gotta go catch the train now n grabbed my face n kissed me n then went(he only kissed me on the cheek but still better than a hug)n then my mom came and took me nikki n ben home.i got on rele well with ben 2nyt so hopefully we wil be mates lolz.

and btw thanx very much endria for customising my journal and geting me all my lil pics and animations and stuff:) thanx yew sooo much xx im always here anytime yew need me...x mwah x ..

better be off neways
byeby xxx
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