ohh hmm. :]

yesterday i went to brad and daves hockey game with lauren, which was totally pointless. both brad and dave got kicked out of the game for 'roughing'. whatever, those ref's can kiss my butt. that's all i have to say. then afterwards laur and i went out with brad and ryan and my brother to go bowling. that was an experience in itself. i think my highest score was a 70 or something. lauren's was a 50. haha. ryan dared brad to do a 360 and throw the ball down the lane and he did and he ended up getting a strike. lauren and i were unhappy with that. we told ryan he couldn't come anymore because he was too good haha. it was fun, and i was glad i got to spend some time with them since i'm going to be at my dads all this week/weekend. i'm tired though.

it feels good, that's all i have to say.

today is going to consist of no babysitting, a lot of outsiders work, and probably a nap. never stay up until 6 on the weekend when you have school the next morning. it's kind of ridiculous.
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i was on the phone with brad last night until 6AM, i think i fell asleep on him.


i guessed his favorite number and his birthday without any hints. it was weird.
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don't you love how i avoid livejournal when i'm at my mothers?

well, nothing much has happened..

#lunch table was sucky for a while. lauren and i only talked to each other for two days.
#got a laptop for my mothers house so i can finally use the computer over there.
#a lot of hawthorne hockey.
#spent a lot of time with brad and dave, just talking about stupid things.
#um, got my hair cut.
#.. i really can't think of a lot of other things.
#mr wiechelt got ashley and i out of study hall today. :]
#we had 'oktoberfest' in german today, oh how fun..
#um.. i don't know.

(& just between you&i.. i'm falling for that boy. but shh!)

um, i don't know. i love being at my mothers house, it's so boring when i'm here at my dads. i wish i could just stay with her all the time.

i am in love with oasis. enough said.
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woah what? uhhh!! WA FOOTBALL 8-0. thats what i'm talking about.

the game last night was CRRAZYY. student section would chant anything and everything they thought might work to offend/distract moon, and i think we succeeded. 20-7 (WHA WHA?!) hell yeahhhhh.. haha, next target, MONTOUR. (prepare to die. :])

anyways. grove city today, with my mother and my brother. i just got up and my lips are really dry and i'm dead because its a saturday and its 730 AM. and i was up til at least 1 last night.

"drive home safely!"
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today was aweeeesome, woooot!

school was just plain good, and ashley and i got out of eighth period study hall to go hang in the chorus room by ourselves (mr. wiechelt was kind of busy) and well, apparantly something went wrong with senior chorus so there were fifty pizzas or something and ashley & i got to eat some, and oh i just love mr. wiechelt as a teacher. that was a long run on sentence. :]

this fall isn't pretty like it usually is at this time, all of the leaves fell off before they had a chance to change, it's bothering me.

um.. i don't know, i'm happy. :] yesterday was good too, and i forget why, everything just makes me happy these days.

my grandmother is here and she is cooking me spaghetti, yay for italian food. i pigged out on it today! awesome.

das is gut. :]
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038. (go figure..)

homecoming was amazing.

highlights included, but are not limited to..
# brian ripping his pants
# 'donkey style, hee-haw'
# scratching posts
# 'you grinded my leg!'
# 'the REEFER'
# smoking a burnt banana, very unsuccessfully.
# sandwiches
# rubbing the budha
# 'mr. smith do you see that giraffe?'
# our rap in the van
# 'someday, those will get you a very good job'
# the 'andy sporrer is my hero' fan club

way more.. and some i think are better left unsaid. ;)

I LOVE YOU KIDS..Collapse )

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screw herring biology project. seriously. i messed it up so bad.

my dad and i talked from 9:30 until 11:30 last night just about everything going on with me & the divorce and this weekend. it made me feel a lot better about everything

TODAY i'm going to my favorite valley in all the world. ;] and since i'm lucky i'm staying til sunday night. woo woo!!

school is going to be good today. i'm going to make it good. :]

& i should have pictures from homecoming/seneca when i come back from this weekend because, becca and i are going to walk down to the sunoco (like always!) and get me batteries for my camera since i never seem to have them . :[
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schools been getting better, i just get stressed out when i have projects and tests all due at one time. those scantron things were the easiest things in the world.

i am almost done with my leaf project!! =] i just have to add my gingko leaf & rearrange/renumber the pages in ABC order & then retype up my table of contents. oh, and glue my pine needles that all fell off when i pressed them. bah. thats kind of a lot.

i don't care, tomorrow is going to be a sweatpants and a tshirt day for school. i'm pumped for SENECCAAAAAA. and HOMECOMINNNGGGG.

uh, my moms apartment is finally starting to shape up and.. she's looking at a desktop for my brother & i and i can finally be on IM!! at my moms, even though i do it anyways and i'm not supposed to..

becca yelled at me because i never update but, what is there to update about?

k. if i don't go, this leaf project is going to kick my butt more than it was before i tackled it.
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i hate the fact that it's only monday.

school projects have taken over my life. help.


the only thing i look forward to as of now is this weekend.
i'm excited.
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