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Recipe - Raw Breakfast cake

Breakfast Cake
3/4 cup ground seed mix. Must have flax seeds!
(eg Linwoods Milled Flaxseed, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Sesame seeds and Goji Berries. Or you can grind your own in a high speed blender)
1 tsp syrup eg argave, maple or date
1tbsp filtered water
1/2 tsp RAW coconut oil

Put all in mini food processor till mixed into a lightly sticky mass. If it crumbles add a bit more water, if its really sticky (add less water next time) remix with a bit more ground seeds
Tip onto baking parchment. Using the parchment flatten and shape it.
Peel off parchment and put on plate, it should hold together and peel away quite easily.
Top with fruit.
Add more syrup/crushed fruit if you want a dessert.

Inspired by Ani Phyo's Coconut breakfast cakes from "Ani's Raw Food Kitchen" book

Food journal

1 dose Cherry active
1 probiotic
100mg MSM
100mg 5HTP
50mg siberian ginseng

1 Raw breakfast cake with slice pineapple, 1/2 bannana, 1/2 apple, handful raspberries.
1 pot Pukka Love Tea

3 cups root veg crisps
1 scoop Vega berry
2 Booja raw chocolates
1 pot mint tea

err Another breakfast cake what can i say, its that time of the month
more mint tea

short update

More pigging out - i think? I feel stuffed maybe i'm still eating to fast or the candida that flared up after the juice F'ast is causing this bunged up feeling. I've uped my probiotics, and i'm thinking of trying Soil based organisms (which is a fascinating subject). Until the juice thing i hadn't had a problem with candida for a really long time, i've really upset my body drinking so much fruit juice.

The raw breakfast went down well and i felt satisfied but light for a long time. I'll have to jig the recipe slightly tomorrow to intensify the flavour but the texture was great. The raw pancake was much lighter than expected, it looked much denser than it tasted.

I'm still interested in being a nutritionist/raw food coach/teacher so I'm working on giving that vision substance. To that end my short term goal is to try as many Raw breakfasts as  i can. If i have time I'll try and share this culinary adventure.

Clarity from sleep

The last few days i have been feeling somewhat pissed of with the juice f'ast that i took part in. My thinking was somewhat down the lines " i didn't detox, didn't lose weight, and now i can't even stick to my raw diet; which had been going sooo well" *sulk*.

Well duh, I just realized that it's not the fault of the juice f'ast. Get this. During the juice fast i found myself with loads more energy, so i started some major DIY projects that i'd been putting of for years due to ill health and fatigue. So the f'ast finished but the DIY didn't. I still had allot of energy but not quite as much, but more importantly all the things that i'd put on hold (posting/making beads, laundry etc) had stacked up, and i was suddenly trying to do twice as much as before. Also i was not finding the time to make proper raw food meals - and i wonder why my body suddenly rebeled when put on a constant diet of salad.

So i'm glad i got to the bottom of that one. It gave me the will power to have my green juice first thing, my bowl of fruit for breakfast and i have promised myself a completely moreish and filling lunch; something like Sunflower seed beet pizza. Plus i will spend the day tidying and returning order to my disrupted life.

I eat more when I'm tired.

This is probably a fairly universal truth, it's just a bit unfortunate that i've pigged-out over the last week on dates and raw chocolate. The scales tell me I've put on a kilogram but the tape measure says I've lost a cm. Go figure!

The pig-out factor is probably also a fairly good barometer of how healthy I'm am. It suggests that I've been overdoing it somehow. Also i think i can't drop my medication to 6mg and will have to stick with 12mg for the time being.

I'm so impatient, which is exactly the wrong thing to be when trying to get better from chronic fatigue. But i have seen a very definite improvement and that gives me hope despite the fact that i have so far to go.

Another lunch

So good things about the raw food diet are;

A bit more energy.
No acid pain in my joints.
Losing excess weight/cms - without exercise, while not going hungry.

Things that can be resolved;

Lack of equipment - expensive
Lack of family meals - organization/learning
Excess gas - stop eating dried fruit
Cost of food - will be less when better organized - I hope

Things that suck;
Ummmm Can't eat cooked food *well duuh* - which sucks when going out!

Is it worth it? Yes. I'm not in pain and have more energy. At the moment I'm not 100% raw due to lack of equipment but I'm willing to carry on and see if things get even better.
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