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short update

More pigging out - i think? I feel stuffed maybe i'm still eating to fast or the candida that flared up after the juice F'ast is causing this bunged up feeling. I've uped my probiotics, and i'm thinking of trying Soil based organisms (which is a fascinating subject). Until the juice thing i hadn't had a problem with candida for a really long time, i've really upset my body drinking so much fruit juice.

The raw breakfast went down well and i felt satisfied but light for a long time. I'll have to jig the recipe slightly tomorrow to intensify the flavour but the texture was great. The raw pancake was much lighter than expected, it looked much denser than it tasted.

I'm still interested in being a nutritionist/raw food coach/teacher so I'm working on giving that vision substance. To that end my short term goal is to try as many Raw breakfasts as  i can. If i have time I'll try and share this culinary adventure.

i ate a slice of cake today.

I have been doing a huge amount of reading about food and nutrition recently, and i have been shocked to discover a great many things that have totally altered my relationship with food and the way i view people who carry excess weight.

Things that make people crave food; if you have candida or sugar imbalance. If your dehydrated or malnourished which shockingly is most people from the US and UK. (Calories do not = nutrients anymore) If you have emotional or physical toxins in your body your body craves fat to lock away the poison, and lastly of course most westerners self medicate with food due to various stresses.

oh and i just have to tell you this one because its just tooo good, most westerners are deficient in fat, 'plant' fat that is. Avocados, young coconuts etc. Plant fats are necessary for the brain and you will crave them. But because our bodies are not used to getting plant fats we don't realize that is what we need. PMS - go for an Avocado or two they don't land on the hips in the same way animal fats do.

There are many more things but it illustrates the point that you are not weak. I think if like me you have had a weak moment just accept that it happened and try to figure out what triggered it. Then depending on the trigger you can work on fixing the problem... a little bit at a time.

Juce diet cont.

10 am
Made 2nd juice of the day (same as this morning) which fits nicely into my 'Camelbak' travel bottle. The volume measure written on the side tells me guzzeling 750ml including icecubes, oh, and that small extra slice of melon that snuck in.
I'm not feeling hungry, but perhaps a little thirsty (go figure)

11 am
In town shopping for my mums Bday pressie. Now feeling peckish and the juice is Going down a treat.

12 am
I'm still in town and well behind on my work. I'm not exactly hungry... i forgot to take my Spirulina Capsules. I think they stop you feeling hungry amongst other things.

12.30 pm

Took my Spirulina.

1 pm
Not really hungry and still going strong. I get to taste a new juice in an hour.