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Mission statement - Updated

ENVISION; I recognise that I have a gift and responsibility to ‘track’ the highest possible future in to being. This vision is borne out in my thoughts, words, and actions. I do not settle for the probable.

I must climb the mountain today, for tomorrow may be too late. I know that my mountain may seem no more than a hill to others and I will accept that. I will be renewed by my own personal victories and triumphs no matter how small.

I do not fear making mistakes; I fear only the absence of creative, constructive and corrective responses to those mistakes

HARMONY: I take time each day to harmonize myself with the Way of Source. I align my Values with the Principles of Natural Law. I recognise my conscience as the internal monitor of natural law. I realize that ‘I can not break the law, I can only break myself against the law’

INSPIRATION: I bring out the best in others (and myself) inspiring them to be more than they are by affirming their worth. I treat people in terms of their potential and not their behaviour. I remember that this is the ultimate antidote for a poisoned existence.

INTEGRITY: I affirm my self-worth by keeping to my commitments and promises. I stay clear of duplicity and keep faith with those that are absent.

ABUNDANCE: (mentality) I give thanks for what I have each day, remembering that Abundance-mentality flows out of a deep sense of personal self-worth and security. It results in sharing recognition, profits and responsibility. I enjoy being in control of my finances.

MATURE AUTHENTICITY I walk the balance between courage and consideration keeping an eye on the long-term welfare of my interpersonal interactions. I do not hide my feelings or convictions expressing them in a measured and balanced way that respects the other person’s convictions.

STEWARDSHIP: My actions are my only possessions and all else is Sacred and must be tended and cherished as such.

RESPONSE-ABILITY: I have the ability to choose my response. I will not wait for persons or circumstances to act upon me and pull my strings. I am accountable for my responses.

BALANCED HEALTH: I will look after myself (goose), realizing that only I can judge what my body is capable of (and how many golden eggs can be produced at any one time). I will care for, and tend my body and psyche, with rest, healthy food, exercise and treatments, but not over indulge it, (so that I don’t undermine egg production).

BEING ORGANISED: I endeavour to have a place for everything and everything in its place. I create realistic schedules, routines, and rituals that support order, wellbeing and harmony. All that I have in my house is useful or beautiful. I strive for progress not perfection.

INTER-DEPENDENCE: Being independent is not the most mature state of being – it is only the middle position on the way to inter-dependence. “As an inter-dependent person I have the opportunity to share myself deeply and meaningfully with others and I have access to the vast resources of other human beings” I recognise that I am part of the web of life.