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Clarity from sleep

The last few days i have been feeling somewhat pissed of with the juice f'ast that i took part in. My thinking was somewhat down the lines " i didn't detox, didn't lose weight, and now i can't even stick to my raw diet; which had been going sooo well" *sulk*.

Well duh, I just realized that it's not the fault of the juice f'ast. Get this. During the juice fast i found myself with loads more energy, so i started some major DIY projects that i'd been putting of for years due to ill health and fatigue. So the f'ast finished but the DIY didn't. I still had allot of energy but not quite as much, but more importantly all the things that i'd put on hold (posting/making beads, laundry etc) had stacked up, and i was suddenly trying to do twice as much as before. Also i was not finding the time to make proper raw food meals - and i wonder why my body suddenly rebeled when put on a constant diet of salad.

So i'm glad i got to the bottom of that one. It gave me the will power to have my green juice first thing, my bowl of fruit for breakfast and i have promised myself a completely moreish and filling lunch; something like Sunflower seed beet pizza. Plus i will spend the day tidying and returning order to my disrupted life.

Juice Feast - day 01 + Commission

Nothing much of note to report today. I took it easy thinking i might be a little weak or hungry but this is not the case. I don't feel terribly satisfied on juices but that is to be expected.

I was very pleased to post my first lampworking commission and it was also a relief to post Aunt Christine's thank-you bracelet; after all she did give me a car! :)

Red Heart Glass pendant

Daily Juice & Supplements:
My bottles are 750ml

1b Green - 250g spinach, 1 apple, chunk cumber, 1cm slice pineapple. - NEUTRAL
1b Lemon honey water
1b Red - 1 small beet, 3/4 bunch celery, 4-5 apples. - NICE
1b Orange - 1 kg carrots, 1 apple, 1/4 bunch celery - NICE
1b Green - large head romanie lettuce, parsley, 3 apples, 4 cherry tomatoes - YUCK!

100mg MSM
600mg Siberian ginseng
100mg 5HTP
3 probiotic capsules


Body Measurements:

Err do i have to?


Energy Levels:
Good considering lack of sleep, I've been active all morning and its only around 3.30pm that my lack of quality sleep is starting to make me want to take a nap. Which i think I'll do now actually.

Short Nap and 1 red juice later  - Up and ab


Calm and happy, still feeling enthusiastic.

Hours of Sleep:

Errr 7-8 hours of poor quality sleep.

Detoxification symptoms:


Positive Changes to note:

Good energy despite lack of sleep.

Food cravings:

Lentil soup, Black bean chilli - gawd it's making me hungry just thinking about it.