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Project Brain Wash is of to a flying start.

Whats that you ask??

Weeelll, I'd recently got very tired of my hangups. You know all the little, or not so little, negative voices that whisper in your subconscious; you can't, it won't work, thats rubbish. Or then theres the sweeping panic that arises when you try yet again to do that thing you've always wanted to do that seems just beyond your reach.

So yes i was tired, and fed up with myself. What was the point of all the meditation, personal practice, wand waving, head standing and altar making if i still had the same fundamental hangups as when i was a teen. I mean why bother?

So it was whilst looking for an audio track to encourage me into taking that much needed cold rainy dog walk, that it occurred to me... maybe i should try hypnotherapy again. I've done walking meditation, right? Right!

So after much research, many misgivings, and yes the dog still waiting for that walk. I came across the work of Glenn Harrold. His Hypno tracks were cheap (check), downloadable (check) and had good reviews (check). Which means that i immediately distrusted them... Well duh! :D

So after yet more stalling due to his cockney acent, and the dog really getting desperate, i downloaded one of the tracks from Audible.

The walk was lovely. I plodded round the field in a warm fuzzy, surfacing slightly every now and then to keep an eye on the hound. Happily the audio track finished at the same time as a full curcit of the field, and in that moment was born, Project Brain wash.

I felt great, the dog felt relieved (probably in more ways than one) and i wanted to keep that happy effortless feeling. Why struggle? When i could just rewrite, retape, and wash away all the crappy negative thoughts and put nice happy ones in place instead. Woohoo!
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