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Juce diet cont.

10 am
Made 2nd juice of the day (same as this morning) which fits nicely into my 'Camelbak' travel bottle. The volume measure written on the side tells me guzzeling 750ml including icecubes, oh, and that small extra slice of melon that snuck in.
I'm not feeling hungry, but perhaps a little thirsty (go figure)

11 am
In town shopping for my mums Bday pressie. Now feeling peckish and the juice is Going down a treat.

12 am
I'm still in town and well behind on my work. I'm not exactly hungry... i forgot to take my Spirulina Capsules. I think they stop you feeling hungry amongst other things.

12.30 pm

Took my Spirulina.

1 pm
Not really hungry and still going strong. I get to taste a new juice in an hour.