July 3rd, 2007

Sea levels will rise by 25m ??

"Hansen's (NASA) paper argues that the slow melting of ice sheets the panel expects doesn't fit the data. The geological record suggests that ice at the poles does not melt in a gradual and linear fashion, but flips suddenly from one state to another. When temperatures increased to between two and three degrees above today's level 3.5 million years ago, sea levels rose not by 59cm but by 25 metres. The ice responded immediately to changes in temperature"

from: http://www.monbiot.com/archives/2007/07/03/a-sudden-change-of-state/#more-1072
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they are precursors of many other types of cloud !

The monsoon season still has not abated. Sheets of silver spikes stream from the heavens, traversing the bridge between the bearable drizzle and sodden reality. At least I’m not underwater like other parts of the country – ‘all yey’ for flood defenses and the small incline that makes life less of a swimming pool.
Having said that I could do without the guttering dripping (its only 6 months old) Luckily the chap that did the work said he would stop by and take a look at the problem for free.

Same could be said for my dishwasher, why did it break? But at least its under guarantee – soo today is a waiting game. When will the various workmen arrive…

...Oh just sometime between 8 and 6 – not to precise huh?

There’s really something in the air (and I don’t mean water) or maybe I do. Watching the satellite images is strangely reminiscent of life at the moment. Things are all adding up to a feeling of being in a bad re-run. Or maybe part 2 of the movie called 'Life' – where all characters and events are the same, and just the sceneries a little different. Maybe I should rewrite the script.
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Thats one big muma

thats one big muma
Originally uploaded by faerose.
It's 30cm long, and i have no idea how i missed picking it earlier.

The veg seem to be loving the extra showers; with bumper crops of mange tout and courgettes. Perhaps a little tooo much. I mean look at the size of that thing, if I leave them a bit to long were talking trifids.


oooo i like this one - maybe i'll forget to give it to Jon ;)

Bento Lunch 03-07-07

Filo parcels with leek and gorgonzola (pinch of nutmeg and cayene)
Potato salad with chives
Olives, cumber leaf shapes

Jelly with nectarine stars
Sliced Apple (drop of lime juice)
Fresh mango chunks

Cheddar Cheese Stars

Click to see bigger pics...packing the bento

Packing the bento

Good to go.

Bento Box
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