faerose_ (faerose_) wrote,

The Saying - Poem

In an old book I came
across a saying.
It was like a stranger
punching me in the face.

It won't stop
gnawing at me.
When I walk around at night,
looking for a beautiful girl,

when a lie or a description
of life or someones fake
way of being with people
occurs instead of reality,

when I betray myself with
an easy explanation
as if what's dark is clear,
as if life doesn't have thousands

of locked, burning gates,
when I use words without really
having known their strict openness
and put my hands around things

that don't excite me,
when a dream hides my face with soft hands
and the day avoids me, cut off from the world

cut off from who I am deeply,
I freeze where I am
and see hanging in the air in front of me

~Ernst Stadler

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