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Education v Austin
Yesterday I found myself truly shocked when i discovered how much university's charge in the US. WOW! $25,000 - 10,000 per year (over four years) This is compared to £3,225 in the UK. No wonder there are so many films that center around a poor but talented person receiving a scholarship and living happily ever after. (Cue soppy music)

There are a few main thoughts drifting round my mind at the moment (as my son does yet another chunk of his maths GCSE today).

1 I wish i hadn't taken my education for granted. I really wish i had known how lucky i was to get a free University education, and that i'd picked something useful rather than just anything to get away from my parents.

2 I wish i could impress on my son how lucky he is to get such a good education. He is totally uninterested in making something of himself. In fact he seems to perfectly represent the average view of UK school children, where being seen to study is very UNcool.

3 So this brings me to musing number three. If Hubby was offered that secondment  in Austin Tx. Would it be beneficial to my son to give him a year out between GCSE and A levels and maybe enrol him in the US school system (grade 11)? Would he mature a bit and become interested in his studies?

At the moment getting my son through his GCSEs is painful, we are having to force every morsel of information into his unwilling and disinterested brain, he is far more concerned about his image, girlfriend and bike. At the moment i am learning more about his subjects than he is, and i really can't go through this process again during his A' levels.

I really don't know what to do for the best. One minute i think that interrupting his education would be bad, and the next minute i'm thinking that it would be the best thing for him.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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It's a really difficult one and probably depends on the individual. But I think a year out before uni is a good thing, so I don't see that a year out earlier on would be bad. He'd still be studying at an American school though? Would the syllabus be very different there?

I can't believe he's doing GCSEs already! xxx

Yeh the syllabus would be very different, I was hoping that it would give him a bit of a shake up and make him realize there is more to the world.

Hmm, yes, if they're working to a different syllabus he might be forced to work to catch up. xxx

I suspect such a move would have it's pros and cons.....my brother, after coasting through hes GCSEs finally got a work ethic about 6 months before his A levels - plenty of time for him to do really well - though also plenty of time to give my mother gray hairs and for me to do double physics homework.

Yes, i think i might also end up with gray hairs at this rate. After yesterdays exam, my son cam home declaring that it was so easy, that i had made him revise for nothing. Arrggh *pulls hair*

On second thoughts i'm not going to have time to go gray, i'll just run out of hair to pull.

Travel is always good, and having just moved from Austin I can tell you what a wonderful city it is! He will be exposed to so much creativity there. I can give you info on schools. Mine graduated from one of the better high schools.

"I can give you info on schools"

Hey thats so cool, if we end up moving inside info would be great!

It looks like the move is going ahead, could you please tell me which High schools are best.

Liberal arts and science academy (Does this one have an assignment area - it says you need to take exams?)

My son is sporty and bright though dyslexic.

Thanyou in advance :)

Austin high is the best of those listed and it does have an assignment area. AISD should have a district map showing which neighbourhoods are zoned to which high schools. I believe the northern sections of Travis Heights are zoned there, as well as Clarksville. Hyde Park is zoned to McCallum, which houses the liberal arts academy (magnet school), but you have to apply to attend, even if zoned there. (my kids went to McCallum). Avoid Reagan, Anderson, Travis, and Akins. The district has great resources for varying degrees of special needs. You can request he be tested so he can avail of them. Also, any realtor will tell you which school the house is zoned for. It's an important consideration for most.

Thankyou so much for the info!!

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