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About Chronic Fatigue - Part 1.5

Reseting your Amygdala = Become a seeker of BLISS

At its most basic level, the thing that will reset your Amygdala, is feeling good over a sustained period of time. Feelings of love, happiness, gratitude, appreciation and calm wonder to name but a few.

You know when you have the right feeling because you feel centered, grounded and fully present in the moment. Your shoulders drop, the muscles around your eyes relax and you SMILE. During such a moment your heart beat becomes ‘coherent’, your breathing even and your whole body resets back to neutral. ie Bliss!!

Its really up to you to find and create such moments, and it has to be a very personal choice for it to work. For example, yoga will only work for you if you enjoy it, it really doesn’t matter that other people ‘tell’ you its relaxing if you don’t like it!

So what is it about such a ‘bliss’ moment that resets the Amygdala?

Well heres the lowdown...

Its all about the heart!

Strange though is may seem to those of us that studied school biology, is the fact that heart is far more than just a pump that chugs blood around your body. What your textbook failed to tell you, and your teacher probably didn’t know, is that the heart contains such a complicated nerve plexus that modern scientists are going so far as to call it a second brain. Err yup, you heard me right. In many ways your heart is independent of your head brain, and it can ‘think’ for itself.

In the context of CF and the Amygdala, this is important because your heart can, and does, overrule your head!

I’m finding it difficult to explain how the heart interacts with and resets the brain, but i’m posting the above because i didn’t want to leave you with nothing over the weekend. Your heart will reset the brain if it is feeling positive and your breathing is even. I’ll follow up with an explanation and the actual balancing/resetting technique when i can.

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