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I just has the most invigorating, relaxing and cleansing experience dancing to the 5- Rhythms CD, 'Tribe', in my living room. Phew! I'm a sweaty, happy and exhilarated mess.

I have never done any 5-Rhythms classes, nor do i know very much about it. So i really wasn't sure how I would shape up going bare knuckled into my stuff. Make that Stuff with a capital S!

Anyway, its brill. The music totally moved me, I really wasn't prepared for such a profound experience. I did a warm up to " 'Prayer for the Four Directions'    (6:58)    by David & Steve Gordon    Sacred Earth Drums" and followed it with the first half of the 'Tribe' CD by 'Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors'. The 5 Rhythms are

Tsunami -- Flowing    5:25   
Tsunami -- Staccato    4:17   
Tsunami -- Chaos    5:43   
Tsunami -- Lyrical    5:44   
Tsunami -- Stillness    6:08

I cant really remember which track did what, but by the end i was totally tranced out and 'flying' during the Stillness track, (i dare say i'm being quite literal) only to enfold onto (into) the earth as a soggy, purring human. OH Yay!!

There's not much more i can say about it, as it may take a while for things to filter up into the verbal. Hmmm i also feel a tad nauseous...  interesting...  as i definitely didn't go at it full-pelt. Anyway my slight belly issues aside (err don't eat chocolate just before), i totally recommend the CD and shoving all your furniture back for some pure surrender.

Go for it!!!