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(Rant) Just a normal Thursday

The universe bitch-slapped me this morning. This is fairly normal for me if i take my eye of the ball, and well, i was soooo busy navel gazing that i almost turned inside out.

Its that time of the month so i was already muzzy. Then i had to take hubby to the train station at some ungodly hour. For some reason, thats all the excuse needed to teach me some valuable lesson.

Frist some guy tries to run me over in the Tesco carpark. When i complain, he gives me some bullshit excuse about his van having a big blind spot and he makes out its my fault. So the fact that he saw me walking past just a second before he jumped into his van makes me wonder where he keeps his blinkin blindspot.

Oh and then i’m still seething about this moron, and a wasp gets stuck in my shoe. I mean, how??? OUCH!

Ok so i feel like i’ve been through a meat grinder this morning and i just know theres a message in all this.   Eeeerrr but i really don’t know what?!
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