faerose_ (faerose_) wrote,

Inner work should come with a health warning

I'm feeling irritable and irritated. It feels like everything is messed up. All i can see is mess, in my mind, in my house, and i have totally screwed up my budget. Hubby's going to kill me when he sees how much I've dipped into the savings.

Oh and to top it all of, i had my hair coloured; red. What was i thinking?

Just so you know i always end up colouring my hair when i'm undergoing some inner turmoil. Whats pissing me of even more about this hair colouring is that i went to the hair dresser to have a few subtle highlights put in, and somhow i ended up with red hair - i mean i paid for the privlidge of doing the wrong thing... again.

My beading is not happening, and i'm putting on weight... arrggh.. not allot but enough that i need to take a metaphorical chill pill. Plus my raw food diet is seriously in question at the moment i'm doing about 50/50 *sigh*

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