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Modern Altars
As you all know i'm repainting my living room; just a shade off white. Since that room gets very little light i've decided to go with a pale theme throughout. One of the things i'm considering is the relationship between storage and art in such a stark enviroment. Since my hubby has already made his views on the TV altar quite clear (though he wouldn't call it that) i am wondering how i can inject soul into this space that is the heart of our home. (The kitchen lacks out of this honor simply by being to small.)

For a shamanic kinda person, I've never been into altars in a big way. There are many reasons for this, one of which is the fluidity of my nature but mostly it is because i am unable to find the time to gather objects, that are able to convey the deep, dynamic and vast realm of spirit in a way that is also aesthetically pleasing. (I should also mention that i have a deep asthetic horror of comercialy shop bought magical paraphernalia.) So i find myself intrigued by some of the modern altars created by Bridget Conn and i am wondering how i can include space for a dynamic ever changing altar(s) that is able to function in spacial relationship. I especially like her work on ancestor worship, I love the way it moves through time and space. figuratively and literally!

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Oh My! So glad you shared her work here! What a brilliant idea.

For years I had an altar on a shelf in my kitchen. I kept it clean and lit candles there and did stuff, but it never felt right and I didn't use it as much as I felt that I ought to, and I kept feeling guilty about it. One day I was tidying my kitchen, and decided to take down the altar. It was only then that I noticed the high shelf with the cup hooks on it. From the cup hooks, I had hung: my bridemaid's bouquet from my coven-sister's wedding; chiming bells; rosary beads; a witch doll; a Brigid's cross; a smudge-stick; dried flowers that I'd picked from my grandmother's garden and a load of plastic cocktail monkey and mermaid decorations. Underneath was a shelf of cookery books, a vase of flowers, and a jar for collecting odd coins to give to charity. I had created, and been using, an altar without having realised because it didn't look the way I thought an altar ought to look. I've since made a bad for magical tools so that they can hang from the cup-hook too.

I've been thinking about your story for the last week, it has made me smile every time - 'cup hooks'! :D

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