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Coherence Progress

Breakfast - Raw pancake, slice pineapple, 1/2 nectarine, 1 small bannana
1 mug mint tea

Today i discovered that i can mix/mash up the ingredients for my pancake base in the bottom of my bowl. Thus eliminating the need to wash up the mini processor. As always anything that eliminates the need for washing up is fantastic!

Breathing practice, 6 min. Thought you guys might be interested in how 'Coherent' my heart centered breathing is. The smoother the wave the more positive and aligned your feeling. I'll try and write up a post about this as it is very dear to my heart - no pun intended. :) Works well with the Ha prayer. I'm also thinking it could be a direct measure of how Kala you are... *ponders*

Lunch: raw provencal crisp bread, houmous, leaves, cumber, tomatoes, chives.
Dinner: Lentils + salad
Lots of tea; Mint, Nettle, Mate

Errr: overdid it on the dried apricots, dark chocolate and walnuts. Why? I was freakin exhausted after all the painting. One of my triggers strikes again.

Exercise: Dog walk, does painting count??

Meditation: 20 min hypno relax.
Breathing practice: 5 min
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