faerose_ (faerose_) wrote,

The usual

Supplements: SBO pill + the usual

Choc smoothie w. maca and mesquite - don't think it decreased my hunger pangs or stress levels

1/2 apple raw bar

Large green salad, sprouted beans and raw nut burger. SBO pill

Small scoop split pea curry w. warmed spinach and tomatoes. SBO pill

Spent the day painting the living room urrghh - I'm telling you don't buy Dulux Lumitech unless you love staring at the same bit of wall for a loooong time. I'm on about the 5 coat of paint.. no joke!!

Exercise: Dog walk
Meditation: Kali and the Kitten :D, 20 min Paul McKenna, Control Stress. Breathing exercises; I keep forgetting to add these to my list of stuff i do as i take them so for granted.

I'll try and post more interesting stuff soon, just need to find the time.
Tags: food journal
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