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food journal
1 dose Cherry active
1 probiotic
100mg MSM
100mg 5HTP
50mg siberian ginseng

1/2 cup oats, soaked 2 hours in 2/3 cup nut mylk, mixed tbsp pumpkin, sesame, sunflower seeds. 3 apricots chopped (not soaked; i decided i preferred them this way) 1/2 chopped banana, 1/2 chopped apple. Yuuuuummmmy! My fave oat mix so far

Lota mint tea

1 raw Italian cracker, mix of; 1 mini avocado, 1 medium tomato, cilantro, spring onion, bit of pickled jalapeno, black pepper, flavoured salt.
Some of my own pickled sauerkraut. Its my first try at a naturaly fermented pickle. It tasted ok but was quite bitter - might try buying a starter to see if that helps.

1 raspberry vodka, with lemonade
1/2 pint strawberry beer - i got and instant headache, my hubby recons there were sulfides in the beer - shame really as it tasted great.

eerrr after the beer it was a bit downhill from there and its really difficult to admit to things not going smoothly. Its like i start the day with good intentions and then theres only so much being good my psyche can take.

1 scoop potato salad 2 inches cumber, 4 mini plum tomatoes

packet veg crisps
3 strips dark chocolate

Managed to pull myself together for the evening and do 35 min of Tai Chi which made me feel much better  and far more centered. YAY!