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food journal
1 dose Cherry active
1 probiotic
100mg MSM
100mg 5HTP
50mg siberian ginseng

Oats and apricots (soaked overnight) in nut mylk. Choped Almonds/hazelnuts (soaked in water).
1 pot Mint

1 scoop Vega Chai.
1/2 Naked (brand) oat apple bar copped w. 1/2 banana.
2 pot mint tea
1 Soil based organisms

lota water
1 pomegranate

1 Wagamama salad
1/2 apple and sweet potato dessert - OMG was it good.

45min excercise
3 hours clothes shopping - definitely exhausting - exercise maybe :D

Soil Based organisms - still a bit gassy and bloated for a few hours after taking. I have had very good energy the last few days - too early to tell if this is related to the SBO, the Vega or other random chance events.