faerose_ (faerose_) wrote,

sunny day

What a good day, the sun blazed in a periwinkle sky and my garden is starting to come together. I haven't planted as much produce as i wanted to but i am please with the progress i have made. Especially since I moved and totally redesigned the borders. The roses are looking especialy beautiful, even the rocket and packchoy flowers look lovely; they totally bolted with the hot weather. Luckily i also planted lots of salad crops in the shade, you never can tell with the British summer which will be the better planting plan;sun or shade.


I also found the energy to do a bit of house work, and there are a few new beads in the kiln. I am please that only have one more bead from yesterdays batch still to post in my shop as the cleaning and processing are my least favorite parts of flameworking.

Oh and i found time to meditate - dang I'm good ;D
Tags: beads, diary, garden

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